Hi all, can any one help, I've sort have lost touch with the world of computers but I am looking to upgrade my system.

I am giving my daughter my old computer, because hers has so many problems with drivers, old drivers and new don't work properly and just grinds the computer to a stop.

So current setup is:-
Gigabyte - GA-P31-DS3L
CPU - Intel E2180
Mem - DDR2 667 4 x 1 Gig The Cheap stuff as Geil would not work correctly on this board.
XFX 8400GS 512 MB Graphics.
Now I want an overall improvement but without spending too much as budget is at a premium, between £150 & £200
No need for hard drives as I have a couple of spare 500Gs laying about.
I'll be using this for all sorts, music, video, dvd, Internet may be a couple of game but nothing big .
I know it's a tall order but I think it can be done.
I could even keep the XFX for the time being and give my daughter one that is not as good.
Mainly it's the MB and CPU - AMD or Intel onboard graphics or card.
I don't know I'm at a loss.

Regards - Tony


Considering the price range, I'd be looking at AMD. Ever since Intel release core2, they have had the better processors (started a while back now). Even though Intel are still better, AMD have really made some good ground, and on a pure $:performance ratio, AMD are better.

I'm afraid I'm not really up on current AMD chipsets and CPUs, hopefully someone else here can recommend an actual model #

Personally I paid extra and went for Intel, but that's just me.

A graphics card is always recommended, particularly if you are going to play the odd game. Maybe try the XFX, and see how things go in the future. Holding off on a computer part purchase for 3 months can save you a bit of money as prices drop ;)

Hi, many thanks for replying, it's a bit of a mine field isn't it. Yes i'll probably stick with Intel. I have used AMD int the past and found them fine, but that was a few years ago( Athlon XP Barton Core 2.5G on a Asus A7N8X Standard MB which is now my daughters)and I know Intel over took them quite considerably. I have been looking at Scan and MicroDirect as these are shops that i have dealt with in the past and trust them, but there are soooo many MB's and CPU's nothing is clear anymore. See, the board I have at present is a p31, which i bought under recomendation from magazines, it's been ok but the thing that annoys me is the silly ram placement with this board, if you want to use 4 gig it has to be 4 x 1 gig single sided(quite difficult to obtain) hence why i ended up using cheap memory.
Sorry to go on but I'm starting to find that as technology goes ahead, there seems to be alot of BS in this industry, or am I getting too old.

Anyway many thanks for your help.

Regards - Tony

haha, yes, BS comes with the territory
I had an Athlon XP also :) on an Abit AN7 motherboard. It was unlocking the multiplier on that CPU that got me interested in tinkering with computers.

As the new Intels (Nehalam) are quite expensive, maybe going 1 step back is best. The 775 boards are still quite good and will take DDR2. I've heard the P45 is a good board, but haven't researched them I'm afraid. As for CPU, an E8400 or something similar would do, but again I'm certainly not an expert ;)

Keep a look out for mobo and CPU packages, probably a smart move buying in that price bracket. Good luck with it.

Great, many thanks for your help, I will close this for now and may be make do with what i have got and try and do something with my daughters pc.

Many Thanks - Tony