i have a business friend, he is street smart. He keeps telling me that we should find some idea like facebook, twitter or youtube. And earn big amounts of money and retire at the age of 32.
he is really eager in that. i dont find that power in me, i am just a simple programmer. I think, first, you need to be in right place. For example what makes Daniweb Daniweb? why it has 600.000 members unlike many similar programming forums with less than 5000 members? Why Dani succeeded and the other php programmer forum owners did not? Of course i myself wonder these questions too. Would Dani share that knowledge with us? i dont think so. Although we share many knowledge here, that kind of unique success stories are only told when the guys are retired unless they dont want their grand children to have advantage over other people, i dont critisize this, logical.
But give some ideas that you think would be like facebook or youtube.


Universal Inbox (to include, but not limited to [thus 'universal'], email, sms, voice, facebook, twitter, etc).

But I'm not just talking about 'forwarding everything to Gmail' here. A universal inbox would allow send and receive to ALL services without leaving the inbox. Also adding a level of intelligence or two would make it that much better.

Google is close, but no cigar. they are at least a year or two away, imho.

Universal Inbox

Looks like a good idea ..
I am getting bored with different email ids,if there is one common inbox then it will be useful to me and many others ...
I think starting community forum like this is good but it is common , but you need a new idea hmmmmmmmm......

I think almost new ideas are started , but the success is in presenting the site ...
Video chatting is common but what about a video mail and voice mail ??
A blog that can read ,watch and hear [ almost you can name it as TV hehehehe ]