Computer: Toshiba A105-S2001
Available RAM upgrade: 2GB

Problem: System will not boot upon adding two 1GB sticks of RAM. If the original 512 stick and one of the 1BG sticks are in, it will boot; however, with only one 1GB stick or both 1GB sticks, it will not boot.

I was advised to do a BIOS upgrade, but it did not fix the issue either. I was advised to take my system to a Toshiba ceritfied shop, but the problem is that I live 3 hours away and I must use my computer for work purposes. It will make things VERY difficuly if I am without it for several days. My alternative to this was to take it to Best Buy to have a Geek Squad member assess and/or fix the issue. The Tech was unable to fix the problem and he did not have another solution for solving the issue.

I am in a bind because i do not know what to do next. My question to the forum is if someone can offer a solution to my problem or know where I can go to get assistance with it. Either way, I just want to be able to upgrade my system as my specs say that I can.

Thank you all for your insight and I will be looking to hear from someone soon.