hi guys
i am a new to networking and need a bit of help with some linux commands.

i wanted to know the commands used by Windows and Linux to display the full NIC settings. and if you can explain in detail the output of these commands.

any replies would be appreciated.

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The correct command to list all your network interfaces (and their states) would be:

ifconfig -a

If you're running this as a normal user, you'll probably have to do:

/sbin/ifconfig -a

I'm a normal user. ifconfig -a works just fine.

It all depends on the system. Installation locations for binaries vary between different *nix's, as does their PATH environment variable, but generally speaking, regular users need to use the /sbin/ prefix on that command as ifconfig is considered a 'system binary' (which is what 'sbin' stands for, by the way).


yeah generally linux let you do "ifconfig" but unix systems want the full path (i think some want the full path if you are root too). I believe this is in case some malicious user modified your path or something (e.g replace "ls" with "rm - rf *")

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