Being a cheapskate I bought a MacScottish 512E for my wife in 1985 so I could stick MY toes in the water. Then used it so much she couldn’t get near it... and the letters wore off before I learnt to touchtype so I had to cough up for another 512E, for myself. However... starting back in the Pliocene epoch has NOT made me e-literate... the industry moves considerably faster than I can afford to keep up with. Which is why I’ve wobbled through the door. Maybe if I lurk amongst all the expertise I see here, a little of the sparkle will rub off on me? Cheers! Now, what do I press to post this?'ll have to expand on your past Chris. Back then I was still running between adult legs and begging for froot loop breakfasts. Whassa Pliocene?

Anyway, welcome to the boards!

It's a period in the Earth's history long ago, Coconut Monkey, when humankind first appeared.

Welcome to the forum here, Chris. I enjoyed that :D


Wow. What an elequent post!

The Mac 512KE. That computer has seen it's day. I wonder if it is still operating for you. 68000 processor running at 8 MHz, I think. 512 MB RAM. Double Sided disks. I think that is before the SCSI hard drive, so your hard drive was a fast serial solution. Don't worry about speed though... with only 512 MB of RAM, you were running a system < System 6, and Excel could fit on a floppy. Maybe you had the dual floppy option instead, and kept your system disk on one, and the programs on the other.

Your computer existed before 32 bit Color Quickdraw, so you even had a hard time with greyshades. If anything, picture printouts looked like older newsprint.

You are making me want to go wire up my Apple IIc and remind myself of other days.


Yes I do still have one of the 512KE's.
I gave the other one away... (the letters were all worn off remember) Now some kid in Chiang Mai (who doesn't need roman numerals) is hacking into the FBI portals with it... I guess?
The other one is still here and still in working condition... I haven't fired it up in ages but maybe I'll get the time to do it soon.
There's no battery... I have to wind the crankhandle sticking out the front then let go fast enough when the first cylinder fires so it doesn't break my wrist.
Cheers all :)