I have Norton system works. I am sure you know what it all contains. Is there a better product out there than windoctor. I am looking for a good registry fixer or something of the sort. I found a couple article about one called 1 Click fixer plus. It has a free trial. Is it any good or is there a better one out there?

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I will never recomend any of nortons products. I have seen in posts so many issues with this software. 2 years agao I did try nortons anti virus and ran avg as a back up. The only way nortons found the virus was because avg found it first. I love v com fix it utilities. You can use it for diffrent machines. No live registration. No codes to put in. Install the disk and go. I got mine at wally world for 35 bucks. Has a one button wizzard that is cool. Love system mechanic 5. Friend of mine has it. Neither utility set by default has crased my machine or hers. Both xp home. Just my 2 cents.


I have used system mechanic pro 5 ... and its like all in one maintaince and security software ....

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