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I was going through an business times article which made me to think about how companies will change their IT business model to be more competitive.

Companies like cognizant are having a trademark concept called ‘two-in-a-box’ structure.
Instead of one manager having responsibility for the key milestones, it was shared by two - one at the customer end and other, on the offshore delivery side.

Now over a decade later, Cognizant is overhauling this time-tested, proven model and incorporating a third leg to it. It is introducing a consultant into the cosy two-some model and making it a ‘three-in-a-box’ structure, reflecting the seriousness of its next big bet on consulting services.

How do you see the IT consulting Services market developing as we move forward?


Ramy Stuart

Dear friends,

Let me kick start the thread. :)

According to me, the future the IT consulting industry will require a high level of Industry adaptation. IT Consultancy will play an important role in client's growth, where consultancy firms need to introduce new innovations and point out the competitive benefits of those innovations to the customer market. The key to IT consulting steady growth and development will be is its ability to lead and collaborate more with customers at different points of the service delivery....

Ramy Stuart

I work with a broad range of IT Consultants. The most successful IT Consultants are expanding their reach as well as digging their teeth into current customers by offering services that are "sticky", easily deployed, and produce a recurring revenue. IT Consultants must keep up to date with the demands in the industry, offer the latest and greatest to clients, capture new clients looking for those new services, as well as always have a reason to call on their clients.

Ramy, I agree with you. Successful IT Consultants will have an ever-evolving business model.

Melony White
Channel Manager

Thanks Melony White for your comment!

Going forward, I see the consulting profession will be forced to compete more fiercely for their engagements, and the engagements they receive may be relatively short-term or less profitable than assignments of the recent past.

Ramy Stuart
Consultant, Allied Worldwide

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