I'm wanting to write my own browser, just to say that I did. make it open source and blatantly standards compliant, just to watch the mainstream web break in it.

I think you can make one in C++, one that just loads .html pages.

I'd want it a little more robust than that, supporting JavaScript and SQLite but not browser plugins(specifically flash). Anything that is part of the X\HTML 5 standards.

Firefox 8.0a1 Nightly x64 ;-)

Be default I launch Chrome as my general-use browser, but when working I would often fire up Firefox, Safari and IE also due to being a developer!

Firefox 5.0. Also use Google chrome

The latest version of firefox has a problem with multitasking. When u try to open three pr more tabs so fast, it just stops responding for almost 2mins but i still love it because it has its perfection amidst its flaws

Chrome and Mozilla serves you good. But Mozilla will eat your RAM bit more when comparing to Chrome.

now using fx9.0 nightly

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