I'm wanting to write my own browser, just to say that I did. make it open source and blatantly standards compliant, just to watch the mainstream web break in it.

I think you can make one in C++, one that just loads .html pages.

I'd want it a little more robust than that, supporting JavaScript and SQLite but not browser plugins(specifically flash). Anything that is part of the X\HTML 5 standards.

Be default I launch Chrome as my general-use browser, but when working I would often fire up Firefox, Safari and IE also due to being a developer!

Firefox 5.0. Also use Google chrome

The latest version of firefox has a problem with multitasking. When u try to open three pr more tabs so fast, it just stops responding for almost 2mins but i still love it because it has its perfection amidst its flaws

Chrome and Mozilla serves you good. But Mozilla will eat your RAM bit more when comparing to Chrome.