can i get a few suggestions as to what topics are good for final year project.
i an engineering student,discipline-Information Science

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You might consider browsing this forum to look at some of the responses to the hundreds of other similar requests. There are some good ideas.

...and you might get a chuckle out of some of the (not-so-polite) requests and responses.

Good luck!

I heard of some people making an automated solar-tracker for their final project.
Of course, you need some solar panels (sponsoring if you're lucky, otherwise pretty expensive), a set of servo-controlled motors, some light dependent resistors, a PLC, PC-connection for programming, some extra electronics.
As I remember, it was not to complex, but you can make it as difficult as you want (PC software..)

probably something in cloud technology would be good, it is quite hot at the moment

thank you so much, even i thought of the same.
can you suggest a few topics for it

best thing is still to come up with something you are genuinely interested in: that way you won't loose motivation to work on it.
also: you told us nothing about your course, what you've learned, what (if any) limitations you were given, ..
a number of professors I've had used the 'choose your topic yourself' as a way to see whether we were capable to choose on a project, in which we could use the techniques taught, and whether we were capable to estimate the time needed to get the project done.

stultuske is right we would not want to advise you without knowing the points stated

you told us nothing about your course, what you've learned, what (if any) limitations you were given, ..

Would really need to know your discipline, because the project choice can change vastly between Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Forensics.

i am an information science engineering student. i've learnt c, c++, java, os, networking, cloud computing, image processing

and how much have you learnt of all these subjects?
for instance, I'm a java developer, so a question I could ask is: what have you learnt from java?
J2ee, struts, ejb, gwt, spring, hibernate, ... ?
what exactly is this end project for? for your entire course, for one subject, ...

its like, we have to select a particular topic from any subject.
for example it could be a software license project using cryptography or a bio metric security project using image processing, something like this!

I'm not talking about the subject, I 'm talking about the techniques you are able to use. if this project should cover all your classes, I would try to fit in techniques/languages/tools from as much courses as you can (provided it makes sense to use them)

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