I'm on a short budget and have never been into PC gaming so I have little knowledge on graphic cards and so on...

I'd like to be able to run recent titles with graphics quality similar to those that have appeared on the ps3, on a smaller budget (if it would be possible at all?)

Here's a laptop I've found, will this be able to run any recent games and how well would it run them?

Hi there asif49, I would say you can play older games on that alright. The graphics card is not that powerful and most likely won't play games released after 2010. My partner has a similar unit and it is totally unable to play even Diablo III, which isn't terribly demanding. I'd advise you to invest in a desktop if performance is what you are after. Decent gaming laptops are expensive (Alienware, Toshiba) and not really worth the asking in my opinion as they are prone to overheating and other hardware issues, in my experience at least (I've owned three). If you must buy a laptop for gaming and your budget is circa £400 I'd shop around a bit more. At all costs though, avoid Integrated intel® HD Graphics cards. Just had a quick search for you there, really you'd be looking at £800 + to get a decent gaming laptop I'm afraid, unless someone else here can find you one - but I couldn't. Sorry, I know that is not really that helpful. . .

Even this one here:

Wouldn't play modern games on High. Here is a very useful site for checking the performance of a laptops GPU:

It's pretty technical but you can scroll to near halfway and a list of games appears, along with the FPS (Frames Per Second) statistic relative to graphics quality. Anything below the 30 FPS means you'll experience stuttering/performance issues.

when you're talking gaming (and especially when planning on taking on recent titles), you might want to save up a bit more. laptops by themselves aren't the best platform to game on (even though there do exist some gaming laptops), you want to go for the cheapest alternative? go for a desktop. a bit about games ... well, they tend to take up a lot of resources.

Maximum 6 GB of ram for that laptop? well ... it 'll play games alright, but when you're talking PS3 quality and speed? the graphics card should be good enough, though it's not clear what version it carries.
500GB HD? well ... that'sss .. not that big. sure, it'll hold some, but you would be surprised how big some installations can be. and now I'm only talking about the games, not yet about a separate partition to install your OS and drivers.

this: http://www.razerzone.com/blade#/performance is supposed to be the first "true" gaming laptop, but that doesn't mean it'll reach the same results as a desktop will. not to mention, it's also a sales pitch. you can call your bicycle a harley davidson, but that doesn't make it one, does it? ;)

anyway, you want to go for recent games (and be able to play those that come out in a few months?)

very fast cpu, much ram, huge HD size, and a ghrapics card that has enough power and a framerate high enough to run by a Porshe.

but anyway ... gaming and budget, those are two words that don't really fit together very well.

My first question is what causes the requirement for it to be a Laptop?

Gaming and Laptops in general don't mix very well, especially in terms of budgetting and also future proofing, you can't upgrade a laptop in the same way you can pretty much reconfigure a desktop rig every year or so.

The only real laptops for gaming as mentioned above are from Alienware and other high end manufacturers but all of these pack a nasty price tag, especially Alienware. Even then these 'laptops' are classed as desktop replacements and weight a rediculous amount for being called laptops.

Again as mentioned above, the Razer Blade, is marketed as the only true gaming laptop, and has a price tag to accompany that claim, however it does actually seem like a laptop in terms of weight and portability.

Back to the point in hand, you will most likely struggle to find a laptop with that budget to run newer games as they are slowly becoming more demanding as technologies progress.

It all depends on whether you need it to be a Laptop and couldnt get a desktop instead?