Its kind of annoying because I was 16 later than most people in my year at school and I finished my exams later than most of them so I missed out a bit on the job market. Now were in college and all of them are taken (Ive applied for 9 in the past 3 months) :( Its prety depressing when McDonalds say they dont require your services.....

Some story this is...hehe.
BTW what happened to your plans of becoming a game developer.;)

So maybe il have some luck today

OK guys, I'll try to write more neatly in future. It's just that most of my posts are done from my PDA and its a bit hard to type on it.


I have planned the game and made most of the classes etc... im just getting started with learning DirectX (I am proficient in core VB already)

You writing the game in VB :-o

Sure, it doesn't make sense. I already stated my intentions and that I didn't think adequately about it. One thing supported my misconception to a big degree: In this (Daniweb) context, "sponsoring" means "I want to contribute / help / support / keep alive" to me (a less tearful replacement for "donation"). "Sponsoring to buy a custom title" is so far off my understanding of the concept, even though "buying a place for a badge" is the very meaning of "sponsoring" in the real world. I projected (psychologic) my own regrets of not being able to contribute this way, on JB's explanation why he couldn't and so I misinterpreted his wish as such a regret. I just couldn't imagine why someone should spend money only to buy a title - doesn't it foil the concept of e a r n i n g a title, since that's what titles and ranks are all about? Are there any questions left now? :mrgreen:

The other thing - language - is one of the reasons why I'm here and I'm amazed how much English and German suffer from the same disease - simplification / mutilation beyond recogniton and sense, propelled by electronic realtime communication beginning from telegraphy (where it makes much sense .- -. -.-- / .... .- -- ... / .... . .-. . / ..--.. ). But another reason why I'm here is I had the feeling that people cut each other some slack and I agree with Charky, content weighs more than style and a certain level of senseful abbreviation should be allowed. I even learn (at least I think I do) from other people's laziness - I have to read twice or more to understand but sometimes I fail miserably, like it just happened yesterday in this thread. I guess it's better I concentrate on what I wanted to do here (knowledge exchange and the modern electronic version of "helping old ladies over the street") to avoid stumbling over my own language deficits. But they don't keep me from slaying you with my wordiness if something bothers me...:cheesy:

I just couldn't imagine why someone should spend money only to buy a title - doesn't it foil the concept of e a r n i n g a title, since that's what titles and ranks are all about? Are there any questions left now?

Ok looks like you dont know the real concept behind sponsorships or what earning is.

The more the donations come to Daniweb, the more easier would it be for Miss Dani to remove ads so that the browsing the site yields only content and not ads. Though its a long shot, its worth a try.

So in a way the sponsor would be contributing to the community with his hard earned money. There are different ways a person can contribute to a community, depending on the resources he possesses. Going out to say that the sponsor has *not earned* the title is I think like insulting them. Money doesnt come for free you know...

Professionals contribute by helping other people out with their knowledge, do good work and are made moderators. Sponsors help the community out by givign out their hard earned money to this forum. Atleast they expect something in return for their kindness.

A real life example -- game developers go out to make real good games but they wouldnt succeed in their efforts if there was no money involved. Money is always in the background. Saying that Game producers or sponsors dont play a role in the success of the game would be a bit too harsh.

Snipping or clipping out someone's hopes and expectations by saying such things is not a good sign.

Deliberately or not - you got me all wrong. No need to take futher actions - I ban myself now. Cheers.

ok i apoligise for starting that argument

i didnt get the job so meh

and yes, im using VB.NET 2003/2005 with the newest DirectX9 SDKto do it (C++.NET is utter crap)and VB is the only other IDE i have (well , other than VC++ 4 , but that means ill need to install NT4 again:()

I got some books so....

Ive already made GDI+ abased RPG and a slot machine/roulette/blackjack game
Im currently doing the directinput and directsound tutorials then im moving on to direct3D

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