There's like 2 or 3 discussions about it now, whether we should edjumacate the newbies about it, whether the system if effective, etc... And now people are using it at times that IMHO they shouldn't be, just because it's on their minds.

oic.. well why shouldn't the noobs be notified of it? Personally, I'm tired of people asking what stars and rep are.. and posting threads asking these questions and such..

If you'd read this thread, you'd see we discussed that having newbies using the rep system from the get go would make it a lot less credible...

Or worse, a person gets repped for solving the problem using incorrect coding techniques (eg. using gets() ).

IMO, recommending gets() should be an autoban.

and using the wrong way of writing main

Thanks folks for the info. At least I am now better informed:). But on the arguement of whether newbies are informed and "trained" to give reps, looking at the arguements both for and against, I'll still root for newbies getting informed about how the whole thing works. A newbie is not necessarily an ignoramus or a "yahoo" as it pertains tech. but insomuch as he is able to use the suggested solution(s) to his benefit I think he should be able to give rep as a result.