Important: I just bought a MacBook and Lexmark e250d laser printer. The printer is def. Mac compatible, but I can't get it installed, cos I'm a noob. I can't find a decent guide for this, so I was hoping this place might have a life saver or two... Mucho gracias : ) Not important, but really want: Anybody know a USB pen that is going to be friendly with Fedora Core 6 and Mac OS X 10.4.9? Every USB pen drive I buy works for about 5 or 6 times swapping between Linux and other people's Windoze XP, getting seriously slower with each switch, before finally dying. I keep my FC6 box off the net, and been using Win (lose) to grab things for FC off the net. Haven't bought another pen drive for the Mac, cos I thought the same thing might happen again. Anyone know / use a pen drive that has no problem with Mac / Linux? Frequent use on both machines... : ) Thank you!