Just wondering around and see which countries have most programmers :D

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Well I am from Australia.



What about yourself?

My wife is from Venus.
Go figure...

I came from the inside of a star.

Down to earth in Oxford, England

Im from surrey/hampshire , england but my soul is in scotland, so to speak.


What about yourself?

USA :)

I'm from Spain, but I'm sure I'll move to USA when I finish my career and have money enough.

USA ftw :icon_biggrin:

LOL! cmon, none of you guys from Arab or middle eastern.. sigh...? These people are genius man!!

there is quite a lot of indian people here ive noticed

i am arabic i am from sudan programmer normally hackers and game patches and cracks

I am from Turkey

Turkey is cool. Ive been there twice on holiday. The people are really friendly

Turkey is cool. Ive been there twice on holiday. The people are really friendly

ofcourse we are! ;)


From the caribbean...luving my sunshine

where in the carribean Zandiago, i am from the carribean too, Jamaica to be exact.

I'm from Cairo, Egypt

Pennsylvania, United States here...

philippines! im a student, new at programming, really having a hard time (coz of attention span issues) but still trying hard. hehe~

If everyone filled out their profiles properly this thread would be redundant. :)

From the caribbean...luving my sunshine

Which island? I'm from St Vincent



Same hea! INDIA :D

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