South East england or5iginally, but Currently in Dundee (eastern scotland)

USA :)

India :)

Atlanta, GA -- USA

Bangalore, India.

Am I the only one from Singapore?

Is there somebody from United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda. No segregation intended but these are nearby countries that we can easily see face to face:)

Born in Portugal, live in England.. :]

If you can't find it on the map, it is just above France.
By the way : WE invented the fries and not the french people!

You guys also have nice beer, chocolate and waffles

You're very right jbennet. I was just being modest. About food and drinks : few can beat us!

yeah i wennt to belgium on a history trip and it was awesome

i'm from Belguim too.
crazy coincidence ? Toeval bestaat niet (there's no such thing as luck).

If I can count well mathijs we are now with 2! Keep programming! Tot nog is!

Well I am from INDIA.

my self from india what about you

Don't forget the Ukraine ;)

INDIA HITS, I acknowledge that!
Anyone from East Africa??

I'm I alone from Tanzania???

the mother of the world

(pozdrowienia dla Ukrainy)

India here.

commented: Better late than never, eh? ;-) +25


I am from Slovakia, but my Heart from Hungary... what is the same for me.

I am from India

Mhh India Leads in this!

Egypt near the Suez Canal

I am from India too.

back in Israel, after a year in Ireland on relocation

well, I'm from India.

Canada :D

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