Hi Techies, I have a (dead) desktop pc... NEW motherboard NF4SK8AA sli, a NEW AMD 64 3200 1 gb of kingston, 6200 tc pci-express 256+, a 550watt psu (1.5 yrs old), ide hard drive.
I am not inexperienced with computers but this one has me beat. It just stopped responding (mouse and keyboard) all it would do is boot up sometimes and go straight to screensaver after that happened it just will not boot up, not even a system beep. So as to not waste everyones time i will give the whole story now..... the computer has been used for 4 months in a dry cleaners and is left on most of the time but switched off for 1-2 hours every day. I have put the graphics card in my own computer and it works, as does the ram. i put a new sata drive in after disconnecting the ide but still no beep or boot up but power is getting through. So i put in a new motherboard (as mentioned above) and processor, still no beep or boot up. only one logical step remains, the PSU. Question. Is it possible for the PSU to be faulty but still power up? I have already spent what the computer is worth so any suggestions (apart from bin it) would be appreciated. Sorry about the novel Regards cookie13759

Yes, it is possible for the psu to do that. it has happened to me once before. It had enough power to get things started, but it didn't have enough to keep going. Try a new PSU (as they are pretty cheap)