Organic on site optimization is most important for you. It refers to fine tuning the web site, optimizing keyword density and prominence. On page search engine optimization makes your web page more search engine spider friendly when done properly. The main steps taken while doing the on site optimization is:

Content Editing

The content optimization is a crucial factor for on page optimization. The content of your website can always use some technical enhancements. Keep keywords in mind while re-writing the website content.

Keywords Analysis

Conducting a good keyword analysis is the first step in an effective search engine marketing campaign. Keywords should be changed to reflect prospective client search characteristics. Through any Database like Word tracker or keyword discovery you can determine the most effective keywords for generating relevant traffic to your site

Changes to Met tags

The pages of your website can have identical Title & Meta Tags, which in turn harm your organic rankings. Search Engines put much emphasis on the uniqueness of titles and descriptions. They want every page of the site to be defined properly and uniquely. Having identical Title and Meta Tags puts negative impact on optimization process as such pages can be considered as duplicate pages or pages having duplicate content.

Meta Tags Optimization - Title Tag is not a Meta Tag, but nevertheless it is the most important of all Tags. Almost all crawler based search engines use the Title Tag to gather information about your web site. The Meta Description Tag is a part of HTML code that allows you to give a short and concise summary of your web page content. The words placed in this Meta Tag, are often used in the search engines result pages (SERP), just below the Title Tag as a brief description of your page.

Navigational Structure

XML and HTML Site maps should be added to the site. This will help the site in getting indexed properly. Always try submitting xml sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Code Optimization

Code optimization is always recommended to enhance the speed of website and helps with search results.

Site Architecture Analysis -

Depending on how your site is built and the value it provides to an audience, the search engines might index one of your pages, or they might index thousands of them. Search engines crawl the World Wide Web to include web pages they find relevant within their search engine index.

Building New Pages

and making changes to existing pages is recommended. Ideally you will want to set up a process within in you firm for creating and updating content. Google's ranking algorithms give presence to sites that both have more relevant content and are changed more frequently.

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Adding new content is crucial. From my own experience of actively marleting my web design company's website, I have found that adding new keyword rich content on website has an immediate and lasting impact on my websites rank on search engines. Having ab log on the website for this purpose is a must as it is an easy way to add new content regularly. By new content I do not mean the odd page every month but a new page every other day if every day presents a problem.

Informative post. Thanks dude.

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