I have a health website with male enhancement products as niche. I like to promote male enhancement products as my site. However, after placing some affiliate links on the top of my site, its page rank become PR0.

How do I get my page rank back (used to be PR2)?
Should I remove all affiliate links from the homepage?

My site is www.zhealthshop.com

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks very much!

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Yes, you can remove the affiliate links for a short time from the homepage or you can create a separate affiliate page for that ans apply a no follow attribute to all those links. Please increase the number of backlinks to your website from good relevant websites and you will see the results for yourself in a month or two


Well, I don't think that your website page rank has gone down because of affiliate link. You have not mentioned what you are doing for link building. I would suggest to start link building of your website with proper strategy.

And, important thing is your site should be visible online. There is no relation between PR and ranking. So try to get good ranking in search engines instead of getting worried about PageRank.

NO relationship between PR and SERPs???

There is not connection between affiliate programs and the Pagerank at all. If you think that your outbound links to affiliate programs could affect your site in the search engines, then its wrong.

Google does not care, whether you are using any affiliate programs. You are not breaking any rules.

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