I'm already in the ODP and I get a good amount of traffic from Google. I'm also in Yahoo! search. However, I'm not currently listed in the Yahoo! directory. Is it worth it to pay the annual $300 fee to be listed? How much traffic will it get me? Is there a way to suggest a site for free inclusion?


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I think Yahoo is icky. :mrgreen:

Yahoo can bring in alot of quality targetted traffic but sadly with 300 dollars your listing is not guaranteed, so if you do have extra dough lying around you can spend them but remember one thing there is no guarantee that you will be listed.

Is there a way to suggest a site for free inclusion?

Just browse the directory, and whenever you are in the category that best suits your web site, THEN, press the "Suggest A Site" link located right above the Sponsored Results title.

The page this is going to take you to offers 2 options: Express Submission and Standard Submission.

The Express Submission option is the one where you pay $299 and they guarantee "expedited consideration" of your site for inclusion in the directory. Please note that they don't guarantee the inclusion.

The Standard Submission is the free option. If you use this option you might get your site listed in the directory without paying, but it can take you anything from 1 week to 1 year to get listed.

Re-submitting doesn't seem to help in getting listed, so make sure you have the right description and information for your site the first time you apply for inclusion.

Hope this helps.


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