Google is a smart engine, any fast move will blacklist you.
Work on any SEO mwthod you know, work slow, smart and daily.
Any fast act, like buying tons of clicks, submitting 100 links and adding 1000 pages - Google dont like that.

follow the buy traffic guide, this is the right way
Good luck

...I built a 7 spoked link wheel a few days ago and I was able to the number #1 position in Google out of 54,000,000 competitors.

I'm curious to know for what keyphrase.

7 spoked link wheel eh. Sounds like the old ring-around-the-rosy trick we used to use back in the 60's, I think. I'll have to check my old rock calendars to be sure. Could still work, I suppose, briefly.

Can you share what's the keyphrase? I'm really curious linkwheel.

Canada Fred I can't really tell you the keyword phrase as it is this person's niche. I will tell you however, that it has to do with a guide book for World of Warcraft. I use a VPN from the US and different emails for each spoke in the wheel. I don't see this as a short term process. You can build each spoke or property 2 or 3 times a week with postings and links making them even more powerful. I think as long as you use a VPN and different emails you are safe. You could also cut portions of the wheel away later on when they have a good PR and only link them directly to the website.

If I have missed something please tell me.

Frank H. and SEO Team Philippines

Nice tips.Don't forget about backlinks, article submission and try RSS it will help.

...If I have missed something please tell me...

Sounds a little too abracadabra lickety-split fly-by-night to have any effect even in the short-term.

Just having the word Warcraft in the keyphrase (which I suspect is three or four words in length) could generate multiple millions of search results. I know the 54M number sounds really impressive but high rankings in this keyphrase isn't necessarily an indicator of a successful search engine strategy.

Are you using Analytics? Where's the traffic coming from? Are they using your obscure keyphrase or finding your webpages using more competitive ones? Is the traffic contacting you or are they mostly bouncers?

It could be too that you have good marketing skills and have been one of the first to capitalize on a recent influx of searchers in your niche market for obscure Warcraft keyphrases. This is good. I respect something like that.

thanks for the valuable information

helpful tips, specially for newbie's like me as well

The page must have unique content.

Another way to get your website listed on search engines is to have the first few words or sentence of your website related to your keywords, and then even have the graphics named something to do with your website.

There's a lot more to it than that. Domain name, page title, meta tags, page content, keyword density in all of those and how your pages are actually structured all play a part in how your site is indexed.

Higher page rank will allow you to rank higher (1st page) in search result and this requires you to have a lot of quality backlinks.

So the key still lies in having great content. By having great content, more people will be more likely to link back your website > you get more backlinks > this will increase your page rank > you rank 1st in google !! ;)

In my own experiences, right keywords would be first, then use them in your title, page contents and backlinks' anchor text.

Have a nice day,

its a combination of backlinks and the content you provide on u r site ... links coming to u r site from authority sites makes a good chance getting listed on first page

try to get qulity backlinks to your website
such as
yahoo answers
do-follow blog comments
social bookmarking service
forum posting and signatures
and so on

Content is king along with backlinks, keywords with the correct anchor text for backlinks is important also. Focusing your efforts on a few important keywords can make a big difference.


I think there is a lot more too it than those points, which number is especially valid, not sure about the other two if I am totally honest.

When you say bold keywords, do you mean h1 and h2 titles, which are important?

In terms of getting onto first page, all depends on your search term, some are easy, most are not.

I think its all down to hard work, content and seo techniques (which I and others have mentioned in a post just a few down from here).

There are lots of good posts about how to do this here, worth reading through them.

nicely told but these tips are too old and i think every body has knowledge of them,plz try to provide some new and unique tips thanks.

Work more on your site - add more content - make sure you have your pages linked together and get good quality backlinks (it isn't the quantity but quality of links - I've seen sites that are SEO'd good with just a few backlinks...and they are on top of their niche).

sorry for double post

Analyze your competition and try to bookmark your sites.

add a "do follow" and increase your backlinks

nice information thanks for sharing with us

Indexing usually lasts long. Unless they get you off for any violation or something. There is no such thing as permanent SERP ranking though. You have to always to work to stay on top or improve ranks.

What you have mentioned here is just the ONSITE things, Only having good ONSITE SEO will not help you to come forward to PAGE # 1 on Google, you have to involved a lot with off site SEO too, that means, you have to get more and more quality backlinks to your site. :)
That will help you to go to first page together with your ONSITE SEO setup.

SEO do better ..

on page optimization : improve and modification keyword in url, title, content, keyword tags ...

Off page optimization : social bookmarking, social networks, forum submission, article submission, blogging, ect...

Thanks ..

Work more on your site - add more content - make sure you have your pages linked together and get good quality backlinks (it isn't the quantity but quality of links - I've seen sites that are SEO'd good with just a few backlinks...and they are on top of their niche).

thanks for the valuable information

Also is important to create a site map in your site. This improve the internal link and the crawler will arrive better.

thanks for your tips....

Hello Friends

According to me there should be following points which must be used at the time of SEO.

1- The title smust be unique and contain the targeted keywords.

2- Description musr be unique and conatian all the targeted keywords.

3- To doing the best SEO content is a king so always tack care about the content must be unique and user friendly..

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