I recommend you to check out the video for Google Wave and sign up.
It seems it will allow a form of monitoring Public Relations on your website - 2.0. From a SEO perspective, this may allow for monitoring your long tail keywords. What do you think?

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It looks more like a collaborative workgroup platform?

It does but I wont know for sure until I get access to it.

Google wave is just like a community where we can share everything and add and edit pics videos invite others.. might be something helpful for seo perspective.

i have also know about it and its developer preview ..first thing it is a html5 product and according to its inventors it is something like email which is devloped today...

I dnt think that it may helpful in the seo but is is going to be a another nice product by google ..

If you figure out how to get backlinks in here, let us know :)

If you figure out how to get backlinks in here, let us know :)

yes , that's more concern of us

Having looked deeper, this is not going to aid your SEO from what I can make out, it is a realtime collaborative tool, sort of like project management software for the twitter generation!

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