I want to improve my site's traffic and also page rank, regarding for that can anyone help me or can any one suggest any good idea or any suggestion.


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From a personal perspective, I see page rank coming from your actual rank in Google. Such as if you google your keywords, how do you come up?

This adds up to lots of content, keyword saturation, backlinks, and basically the more you are seen as an authority in your industry, the better page rank you will have. It takes time and it's basically up to google how you are seen.

Good luck!

PR comes down to link building and getting good quality sites to link to you. IMO PR isn't worth worrying about unless you are wanting to sell links or ads on your site which in that case PR becomes a selling point. Traffic is what you want instead. This can be achieved by posting quality articles, participating in blogs and forums, setting up a campaign with AdWords, etc.

Bascically, there is no easy way to improve PR. The process has to be hard and time-consuming, and plus no one guarentee your results.

what's your niche?There are so many factors involved and i suggst u first do enough research, and a tip for u, know what are ur competitors doing, it could tell u alot.

Page rank is calculated based on the number of quality of back links that you are getting. If you want to get high PR, then you have to continue building links. Building links helps you get the quality of back links you want..

The only way I know is by getting lots of quality, high PR backlinks. You can get them in sort of two ways, 1. by posting quality content on your site 2. by buying and exchanging links with others.

You have find link related to your site in that way you will improve your site SERP and page rank ,....find quality links everyday.

Do link exchange with related site it will be effected

pagerank is not everything, you should focus on your conversion rates. any way if you want to increase it you must get backlinks pointing to your site.I suggest to add it in directories, forums etc. Also try to get some quality links from pages with high pagerank and few external links.

If your site is new or you are still building the site, add your site as soon as possible. It can take up to a month to see your site turn up in Google. This is a rough estimate, as the time period is steadily diminishing.


getting lots of quality and high PR backlinks.

Success doesn't come the easy way. If it was so, wouldn't all webmasters be successful on internet??

PageRank really is one of the least factors you should be worried about. The only method to obtain a high PR is to have a quality website with well optimized and updating content, plus links from authority sites, blogs and forums.

Everybody search for the easy path but good results coming after hard work. Relevant traffic is more important then PR.

What you want to improve your rank is more traffic into your website. This can be done by creating links that reference your blog or articles. I wrote an article that gives an overview about this topic and can be found at topcweb.com/content/stop-wasting-money-online-advertising

Get back links on relevant and DoFollow sites. Google gives more value on those kinds of back links. Back links helps your site get high PR.

Page ranking, despite what many SEO experts say, are just a small part of your SEO plan. The ranking algorithm is complicated; believe us when we tell you, a lower page ranked site can actually surpass a higher ranked site.

Rethink your SEO strategy. Page rank is a great determination of websites popularity; however, it won't be the major factor in gaining website traffic.

I don't even worry about it anymore. It bounces up and down all the time. As long as my traffic is going up that's all that matters.

Yes, there is a shortcut to get higher PR, if you want to call it a shortcut: Write absolutely great content that people will love and therefore will post a link on their web site advising your content. In other words, get viral.

Google Toolbar PageRank has no bearing on how your website will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It is merely a measurement of "relative importance" to Google. Web pages that have a higher PR than other web pages will NOT necessarily outrank those pages in the SERPs. Why? Because the lower ranked pages may have a much higher quality of content and keyword relevance.

If you have a link to your site from a high PR site - it can actually take a couple of minutes to get indexed - but normally it will take up to a month without any special work to speed up procedures!

From my experience so far, what can be done is, you have to make sure that you have proper onsite setup & unique content. Apart from this, OFFSITE SEO is very important factor which determines PR. You have to get backlinks from your niche related sites as well as you have to get backlinks from PR web pages too. Those will help you to increase your PR. :)

Page ranks can be improved getting backlinks. I suggest you bookmarking and also article marketing.

One of the factors that affect page rank is the number of inbound links that you are getting. Just make sure to create quality of inbound links. Google gives more value on the quality compared to those irrelevant sites that you are getting.

Quality content to your site help to improve traffic to your web site.
Also Quality Back link from high PR site are really help to improve your site PR.
Doing Social bookmarking,article posting,blog comment,yahoo ans,directory submission and Forum posting really help u lot.

It's all to do with the metaheader and keywords within the code of your website, and how many other sites link to your site etc.

Lots and lots of work. Just be focused and keep at it.

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