hi all,
I want to know that from where i can find best keyword search tool.

With Regards,

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You can also check with keyworddiscovery & wordtracker.


Google Keyword Tool is a good and free tool However, you can go for Wordtracker which is a paid option.

hi all,
I want to know that from where i can find best keyword search tool.

With Regards,

The best keyword research tool I've used is the Googles keyword tool itself. If you want to rank high in Google then you should use their data.

I would recommend Google's tool as well. However products like Wordtracker will give you more detailed stats on keyword but you have to pay to use.

I used also wortracker, keywordiscovry, adwords and SEO book for longtails keywords.

Here is a good keyword analyzer tool that helps you find the important and optimized keywords of your site.

Also in order to evaluate the importance of a keyword you can use the adwords tools or adcenter (microsoft)

I think most accurate one for me since my priority is Google I used Google adwords.

Googles adword keyword analysis tool is the best i found. It gives you all the information you need and is accurate too.

I strongly recommend Google AdWords - remember to put each keyword per line. I also recommend to correlate it with Google Trends.

google adwords

Using the tools like Google AdWords and Wordtracker is highly recommended and also the search engines suggestion boxes like Yahoo could be great.

I am using Keyword Elite software for keyword searching. It is also a best one.

You can also use SerpAnalytics, it is new though very effective for this kind of stuff!

I use:

SerpAnalytics and
Keyword Discovery

It works good for me.

I thing the third one link only worth for analyze the keywords, but in the web there re more tools is there, but no one will showing exact result.

Well, there is no doubt about it as lots of keyword tools are exists but there is one fact is all of them may not give you accurate result which is actually real.

One of them is Google Adwords keyword tool, it is free thats why it is too popular but in really it is also not so useful in term of accuracy, you may clarify this doubt with any experienced SEO as well.

The question is which keyword should we use for better result?

We should be a little smart if we are doing SEO or internet marketing, if we are required to pay a little for any keyword tool then we should pay, if we pay a little then we can get a lot, believe me it is a fact of internet marketing...

What I would recommend is SerpAnalytics, it is all about keywords, competition and SERP, it is working good for me.

But you have to learn it first about how to use this tool, once you learned everything would get much easier for you....

What is SERPAnalytics

SERPAnalytics is a first online SEO environment designed for SEO & SEM specialists.

SERPAnalytics provides a variety of SEO tools along with access to millions of records of essential data including search engine positions archive and keywords data.

Some main features..............

Competitor Research
Zoom +

* SE positions
* Traffic & traffic cost
* Ad keywords & texts
* Subdomains

Discover competitors in paid and organic searches. Know more about site's ads: texts, keywords, costs, positions. Learn about top traffic and top paying keywords for the site.

Position Tracking
Zoom +

* Sites monitor
* Keywords monitor
* Position dynamics
* Daily email reports

Track sites positions in Google. View position dynamics graphs. Use suggestion tool to track most profitable keywords for the site.

Keyword Research
Zoom +

* Paid competitors
* Organic competitors
* Searches & CPC
* Related keywords

Analyse keyword profitability. Find related keywords to expand your research area. Get essential information about sites competing in paid and organic searches.

SERP Tools
Zoom +

* SEO & SEM params
* Position dynamics
* Archived SERP
* SERP stats

Analyse SEO & SEM techniques using a comprehensive set of tools. Find out position dynamics for each site in the SERP. View archived SERPs to see changes in detail.

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