Hello, I just registered and would have read many of the posts and think they are very informative. I have a websites and wondering if anyone could help me out in increasing sales (by better SEO, obviously). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Any recommendations on getting guaranteed placement companies that WORK and are not spammers is also appreciated.

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Start on article submissions. This is as old as SEO but still very effective until now.

1. Check your landing page for keyword density
2. Use the Alt tag for site images
3. Create reciprocal links from high PR relevant sites
4. Link building for keyword phrase in the site contents

The first ting to do after launching a site is getting it indexed in the main search engines like Google and you can boost up this process using links and adding contents which would be regularly updated.

You do not need seo service for increasing sale, if you have got good landing page you can try google adword directly.

Here are some tips that will help you to do this:

1. Use Keywords/phrases that best describe the target page.
2. Avoid using image maps, if needed make sure to add text links at the bottom of all pages.
3. Do not use long text;
4. Avoid using JavaScript links
5. Create text links and use a common navigational menu for all pages
6. For best results try to limit the number of links per page to 20. (Only a recommendation)
7. Include a site map if you have more than 20 pages.
8. If you are using flash navigation, always have text links as a supplement to the flash
9. Try to use keyword phrases in the HTML and image file names
10. Keep your file names hyphenated

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