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Does keyword positioning in web page page effects ranking?

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yes, keyword positioning can affect ranking. However it can help you not a lot if you don't have links to your site.

not really but its good advise to use your main keyword after 100 words.

KEYWORD! Where to put key word or the KEYWORD phrase; the keyphrase?


The best place to put stuff is in the best place

You'll discover the best places as your compose your content. Develop your content to captivate an Internet visitor primarily; create something interesting enough for someone to read and that’ll please the search engine too.

Dash your keyphrases in Headings and other word emphasizing techniques but use all the other natural, related keyphrase variations, whenever possible. This is make your content appear important.

Now, from the search engine's perspective, in order for content to appear to be important is needs to indicate intelligence, it’s gotta’ look well-thought out. Uniqueness counts big time too. That's why it's always good to study the English language; continuously; to learn how to write effectively in English; to learn how to write intelligently; too learn the power in antonyms or good synonymous keyphrases; altering prefixes and suffixes as you fly, understand abbreviations, acronyms, how to emphasize a keyphrase interestingly and my personal favourite: morphology. IluvU Searchengines.

Write well and for the search engine.

Keyword positioning is the position of keywords on a certain place like in metas. Its all about how the keywords were arranged.

sure, keyword position is affect the ranking.. if you have good keyword position of your keywords you can get good rank...

Definitely , good keyword positions only provide to traffic. Traffic of the site also an important factor in ranking. So beware of making good SERP

Of course, keyword positioning would affect your SEO efforts. Generally speaking, putting your main targeted keywords at the very beginning of your title tags, meta description tags, h1 tags and page contents would be really helpful for this purpose.

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You are right AF1. Basic SEO.

of course it is, but you have to use it right with a right keyword tool. It worth to try different ones to choose the best for you... I prefer semrush for example.

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