what does unique external link in this paragraph mean?
and how is it obtained? from linkdomain:sitedomain -site:sitedomain in Yahoo!? please pay attension on UNIQUE word,i know meaning of external link but this unique ??!!!
i mean if i have 4 external links from daniweb.com to my site,these 4 ones calculate as 1 or 4 ?

" The total number of unique external links received (inlinks) by a site can be only confidently obtained from Yahoo Search. Results are log-normalised to 1 for the highest value and then combined to generate the rank. "

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I think if only you use different anchor texts in your links they would be considered unique ones. :)

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I know a unique links means ... a link from a different domain so 4 links from daniweb means only 1 unique link.

Your website may be considered as link spam if you apply too much unique external links. So please be careful before applying the unique external links.

Good info here thanks for sharing

thanks friend for replying.
is there any switch with "linkdomain" search command in Yahoo! for getting Unique external links?

well...im not sure about this!

so, if i put link to daniweb homepage on my article then i put another link to daniweb forum thread on the same article, is calculate as 1 unique external links? or 2 unique external links?

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