I just visited matt-cutt's blog and found something interesting there. HE said that NO-follow links do adds in PR but not exactly. There was something said indirectly but he tried to convince that no-follow links are as well important.

What i prefer is getting links. You should only consider the link and the authenticity of site. If site is good enough then don't bother whether it is no-follow or do-follow.

Potential traffic is the only benefit from a no follow link. It will not help your SERPs.

Google give much credence to the quality backlinks mean to say High PR backlinks.

I generally try avoid posting articles and such on sites or blogs with nofollow attributes in the links but I think they do help to some degree...especially if the person who clicked on the nofollowed link liked your site/content and found it was worth linking to from his/her site...with a followed link.

According to Google's official stand, Nofollow is used to prevent link spam and thus has a reduced value compared to the links without Nofollow tag. This leads me to believe they are worth something, just maybe not as much as dofollow. And it is said that nofollow gives trust so getting Nofollow links won't harm.
In the end it could be good and in the beginning it doesn't really hurt :-)

No follow are not worthless they still helps because a link is still a link wherein you can still gain a lot of traffic to your site.

Nofollow vs Dofollow is all speculation. PR as we all know is just a smokescreen. Links of any kind show up and help.

I think both are worthwhile but do-follow links has more credence than no-follow links.

well i have seen sometimes in google webmaster tools that they also take nofollow if it is relative and from authorized website

I've seen that too - some keep popping up in webmaster tools, but mainly the ones with higher PR - so maybe something in it !?

links is a link whether it is do-follow or no-follow. But the do-follow are better as far as SEO is concerned.

Neither Google nor yahoo pass the PR value of links that are designated as nofollow, however, the links can still be used for traffic in the form of visitors surveying the particualr website where the nofollow link is posted

When I check backlinks to my site, there are some nofollow links that get indexed. I tried different link checking tools, and have the same results, with nofollow links included.

nofollow links are not worthless at all it links can drive traffic to your sites but Google's crawlers don't consider no-follow links in awarding PR as it doesn't pass link juice

I've heard at least one SEO expert say that even Nofollow links do still pass rank. Nofollow links don't influence your rank directly, but they help to improve your traffic and traffic is one of the reasons of your top position.

Actually Nofollow links help to index your site.

I am agreed with you.No follow link are also important.If you look some high pr site,they have also no follow link but they have high rank and traffic also.Its basically depend on search algorithm on which any search engine work.

I think nofollow links helps to increase traffic not rankings as far I know

No follow links are definitely "worth" less. As far as traffic goes, they are exactly the same at do follow links, a link will bring you traffic no matter what. But as mentioned before, Google will not count no follow links as the engine does not crawl them.

But they don't hurt, that's for sure!


No follow links are worth for the site because you can still have or put a link on them. Meaning you can still promote and drive traffics to your site with those no follow blogs.


Google will never follow the no follow links. no follow is good for Yahoo.

No follow link are not worthless, it's also useful to increase our site serp's and traffic as well as do follow but do follow is useful to increase our site PR because google give importance do follow blogs in assigning PR to any site.

No follow links are not worthless. Why? Because these links still bring traffic to your site and this traffic may link or recommend your site to a friend or to a social bookmarking site. The effect is exponential!

do follow or no follow not a matter... all links are give the back link, our site back link will be increased we can get PR (page rank)..

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