I have the following doubts:

1. Whether any Blog Commenting (even related blogs) is taken as spam or not. I read Google Webmaster Central Blog, which says Blog Commenting is taken as spam. Even I have informed in this forum that blog commenting is spam. But my earlier blog comments are taken as links by Google. How this is possible. I am a little confused on this.

2. Google says Meta Description is for readers. I also read in forums that the Meta Description and Meta Keywords are not taken seriously by Google. But my feeling is that Meta Description is also considered by Google for Keyword Ranking.

I request some learned / experienced person from this forum to clear my doubt as there are many people have the same doubt.

Thanks in advance.

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#1. Blog commenting is Not considered spam. However, so many online users comment for the sole purpose of obtaining backlinks, instead of genuinely contributing to a blog post. This is widely recognized as "comment spam." Because of this, blog authors employ "no follow" on their blog comments AND Google recognizes comment spam as a problem - so they do Not use the links as ranking factors. They might see them, but they mostly disregard them.

#2. Google does Not use Meta Keywords in web ranking (as per Google Engineer Matt Cutts). The Meta Description, if crafted well, could be used as part of the snippet that is returned on Google's Search Engine Result Pages. It is my understanding that both Meta Keywords and Descriptions do not have very much ranking power.

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