Both are necessary for website. write unique article.

After ranking you should try to forum posting and blog commenting.You will get better result.

Hi Tad:

I agree with some previous posters:
1. Ensure your on-site SEO is up to speed.
2. Both article marketing and directory listing have their place; use whatever works best for your. SEO is more of an art than a science at this point.

However, there are a few other things you should be doing:
1. Post comments on YOUR blog!
2. Post comments on YOUR Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.
3. Ensure a link goes from your site to your blog, social media sites, etc.
4. Ensure a link goes from your blog to your web site; also, a link from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites goes to your website.

This will help you rank.


Off-page factors play a big position in how your location gets ranked. However, it's significant to have a steady stream of new sites always linking to you. The lone way to accomplish this is to regularly have fresh, awesome pleased on your site that people are naturally going to want to link to each time they stumble across it. Long story short = Focus on building good content and the links will come by themselves

mix of both. but if i have to select one only, it has to be article submission.

I think both are still useful techniques and you can get some benefits from them by choosing the useful sites only.

You should use both article submissions & Directory submissions. but both takes a lot time to approve and incoming backlinks.

Both is a normal process of submission,it improve back link rank on Google and give us good result.

these both are very important and can be used at there on places and there is no comparison between these to

Article submission as well as directory submissions are important from SEO point of view. But directories give you permanent link and the same is not true for article submissions. But directories take good time to get approved.

Directory and article submission are both of same to get traffic. But, Directory submission is more effective in seo. You can choose lot of option to submit your site in directories. Directories give you permanent link instead of article link. Directory submission is best instead of article submission.

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