This ( is my blog. i need more back link at my blog. pls know me how to create back link.

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This ( is my blog. i need more back link at my blog. pls know me how to create back link.

many ways
such as
social bookmarking service
yahoo answers
do-follow blog comments
forum posting and signatures

For getting do follow back links in blogs use D-list. here you can find list of do do follow blogs. For further write do follow blog search engine in google you will find many options for them.

This ( is my blog. i need more back link at my blog. pls know me how to create back link.

The best way to get citations to your blog or website is to offer unique can compelling information. In other words, ask yourself, what does the blog offer that is unique and original. Do you take a certain slant. Do you provoke controversy?

Mix it up a little. Try to get people interacting on your blog but ultimately provide them with a quality experience.

you can gain more backlinks through blog commenting ng forum posting. But you have to choose keywords for your blog comment hyperlink and forum signture. I find these methods effective for my site in create backlinks.

best way to build links it try to provide some unique content on your blog..or you may try some link building techniques some of them has been already discussed above

I think you must SEO do ...
On page optimization : choice and modification keyword in URL, Title, Content, Keyword tags...
Off Page optimization : social bookmarking, article submission, forum submission, press realease...


Blog reviews and try to submit to blog directories. Also bookmarking and rss feed directories will help you.

Thank for give some idea.....:icon_razz:

There are many ways to backlinks to your site. Such as
Blog commenting
Forums posting
Social Bookmarks
Article Submission
Using Web Properties 2.0 Sites
Profile Links
Directory Submissions

As many people here are stating here, creating backlinks to your own site is great so long as the comments you are leaving are in sync with the blog post topic. Meaning, if the blog post is about tractors, don't leave a comment with a backlink talking about your new pizza company.

Make sense?

~ Linus Ruzicka

Several ways to create links:

blog commenting
article submission
classified ads
social bookmarking
forum posting
hub page
social networking
press release
online group posting

As your blog is the same as website, you can use all the ways to create backlinks that you used for your website...

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