good list, though i heard now that matt cuts, consider useful also nofollow, and google and yahoo. will consider also the anchor text!


good list, though i heard now that matt cuts, consider useful also nofollow, and google and yahoo. will consider also the anchor text!


Sweet! where did you read that?

Thanks mate. Highly appreciated.

Thanks for the informative thread. Blog commenting will help me to increase my ranking.

anybody can tell me that how can i get Pr Pages of Blogs where i can comment, any easy way ? anyway thanks for the list

how recent is the list made???

Most of the blogs contains too many outbound links. its not good to have link on these sites.

It is almost not spam if your comment is related to the post. Also, I would recommend avoiding openly smpam anchor texts, they help for your SEO, but they reveal that you are commenting just to get backlinks. I really hate when somebody posts a good comment in my blog and spoils it with "India SEO Services"

I just make a list of these blogs, and i ll find high pr inner pages from them, anyway thanks for sharing ...

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. Great list of blogs.

In my own experiences, blogging would be more useful than blog commenting in the long run view. :)


Can you explain me that what is the difference between blogging and blog commenting ? Please also explain the role of both of them.

Thanks in advance

today , i released a new dofollow blogs search engine , ( )
i hope its useful for finding high page ranked dofollow blogs related with your keyword goal and page niche ,
and obviously its google cse , but my hard work is for collecting more than 6000 dofollow blogs and still am adding new dofollow blogs in to the search list ..
and from these blogs almost 20million pages crawled ...

How to do:
2.type a keyword in text box and open pages from the result to make comment
3.if think any result/blog is not comment friendly then please report me here
4.if you know some dofollow blogs which is comment friendly , then please help me to add in list ... (go and add a request/guest comment )

Why Keyword based blogs important?: my sense if you get back link from a page related with your keyword goal , it will be good for search engine ranking
2.i noticed ads networks also monitoring back link pages to select appropriate ads for your page , so you can increase CTR

am not expert in this field so alway constructive criticism and suggestions welcome;;;

You can use these dofollow blogs to build links to your websites (without spamming)

All these blogs have pagerank higher than 4

I hope you use it :)

...that is, uneducated on THESE things!

What do "dofollow" mean?

I'm setting up a website and using social networking sites as part of my advertising...

But I have so much I have to learn.

I know I'll need to have other sites link TO me...but no clue how to do that.

Thanks for any advice. My site is on teaching children and adults who've been failed by the system and haven't learned to read. I'm also in the midst of grant-writing...but the site will temporarily be for profit--until I GET the grant! Then I can help the poor kids who really need it.


Great--I've saved it and will used soon as I figure out what "dofollow" means!

I have tried lists like this before. It appears that by putting these on a list, they get so many visitors that want to comment that they shut off this ability. I will try a few and see what happens though.

I clicked on to that site twice and it is closed down. Even the main page does not exist. You are taken to a list of paid ads to click on.

well i'm going to give it a go will report back if it helps. cheers for the list.

i think it's only spam if your blog-comments are not serious. it's not forbidden to comment and the blog's are safe. the often use akismet or other popular spam-filters.

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