Hi every one.I am getting good impression on my ads but no of clicks are not good and CTR is 0.3.Can any one suggest me how i improve no clicks and CTR?

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hi, i checked out your site and i couldnt find any ads on it, my best suggestion would be make your ads look like they belong on your site and use picture ads to make them more appealing to click

If you are running a PPC campaign and are experiencing this problem, you have to look at:
1. the rank of your keywords
2. you have to conduct search using Google Keyword search terms and find the relevant keywords for your site
3. you need to reinforce those keywords and the content displayed with your PPC ad with what they are looking for.

I think link ads are good to get clicks

place ads near the content and in the left side because this is how someone see your sites.

I think you are using only broad match keywords.You should need to use phrase and exact match of keywords.Make your ads relevant to your keywords and business.

I second to Espanol. The keywords have to be relevant to the content and topics that the visitors are looking for.

John i think you need to follow only two form of keywords like phrase and exact keywords.what is your Quality Score.Optimized your accordinting to keywords

Hi johnsander,

It wasn't clear to me which advertising program you are in, perhaps you can reply with a clarification?

I will assume that you are in the AdWords program and give you a few tips related to improving your CTR for this platform.

As mentioned by previous posts you should avoid broad match keywords and stick with phrase and exact match only. You should also try to identify and prioritize exact match for as many keywords as you can manage. This will help improve your CTRs, Quality Scores and CPC.

Separate Search Network and Content Network advertising into separate campaigns. Keep your Ad Groups very small, ideally 1 keyword per ad group. This will allow you to write ad text that is optimized for each individual keyword.

Include the exact keyword, where possible in the ad text, use the headline for this if it fits. When the exact keyword is included in your ad text the keyword will automatically be formated in bold text, improving CTR.

By writing ad text specifically tailored for each individual keyword you can improve CTR. Write at least 2 different ad variations for each ad group and monitor CTRs to learn which variant gives you the best CTR. After a thousand impressions for each ad group keep the best performing ad as your baseline and write a new variant or two to test. By continuously testing new ad variants you will discover which ads will give best results.

Avoid keywords that are ambivalent because you will never get a decent CTR from those type of keywords. Add negative match keywords for any inappropriate terms that may trigger your ads for phrase match keywords. If you find yourself having to add many negative match keywords you are probably using keywords with too much ambivalence.

Write compelling ads, include the exact search term where possible, add an emotional benefit and end with a call to action phrase. Avoid writing ads that use generic phrases and use specific quantifiable phrases for improved credibility.

This should be plenty to get you going in the right direction. Let me know if you need further clarification or get stuck on any of these techniques.

It sounds like there is a disconnect between the keywords and your ad. Basically the searcher is not seeing a connection between the keyword and the ad. To get an insight into the searchers mind run a Google search query report, this will give you the keywords that are triggering the ad. You may find some surprises.

Begin using negative keywords to filter the searchers who are not looking for what you have to offer.

Go through the free Google Adwords training to find out how to use negative keywords. Also pickup Perry Marshall's book on Amazon about $25.

Good luck!

Thanks dburk.Yes i am using Google Adwords.

It really does depend on which ad network you are utilizing. If your PPC provides a rank column, review it and decide if increasing your bids is an option.n general, high impressions with low CTR could be indicative of a need to increase the CPC on your keywords and/or consider addiing additional long tail terms to get more "bang for your buck".

A second option would be to consider freshening up your ads to draw in more clients. Definitely consider emphasizing your websites strong points in your (free shipping, ebook, 20% off, etc.) to bring people in.

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