Thanks for the info guys , nice to see a helpful post

The idea of getting a great list of dofollow blogs came into my mind when I saw some people in this forum for high PageRank, dofollow blogs managed to get good return by selling the list. There are tricks or automated software that can work some kind should be. Software on the move / I can not find a reliable lead until I had stumbled on Fast Blog Finder.

mikejeckson Thanks for sharing your techniques on how to find a do follow blogs. Great I can use it for searching blogs!

It is really a difficult to find a dofollow niche blogs. But I hope this link will help you out with it ""

Blog-fast you can use this software to search by keyword

Checking through view source is the most easiest way of finding whether the blog is do follow or no follow.

The idea of having a great list of dofollow blogs came into my mind when I saw some people on this forum has managed to get a good return by selling a list of high page rank, dofollow blog. There must be some kind of tricks or automated software that can do the job. In my research of this trick software does not provide any credible leads until I stumbled upon Fast Blog Finder.

great way to find links to follow! I am very happy to find your message so I found the blog search process will continue.

I have this problem,Does goole can find them?

Please provide a list of do follow blogs with high PR if someone has found them using the method explained above!

You can also find Do-Folllow blogs with google custom search in which search spider can read on follow blogs.

Just google it by typing the following keywords "dofollow blogs" you will get number of lists of dofollow blogs.

I can use Google for search are the blogs. This is the easiest way is to follow blogs. Just use one of your keywords and dofollow. You can also search google for list of dofollow blogs to find lists of other people now.

hi mikejeckson...your u comment i follow ... really works man.. thanks
but can you please tell us that how to find a high pr blog pages in a same way..
so that we can get high quality backlinks


I use google for searching any thing. Google is the best search engine on the web today. Do follow blogs will gain more backlinks and return visitors.


You the tools and to provide links to lists Thank you very much. It looks a little hard dofollow blogs. They are not as visible as the nofollow.

You are right in saying DF NF blogs outnumber those. They did not at all, although they are more popular blogs to build links with NF should be as valuable resources.

yes exactly if you type “list of dofollow blogs” you will get many list which was generates already ready made form you no need to search manually

Hmm, some very interesting ideas.

You can find dofollow blogs bybsearching in google with list of dofolow blogs

there are so many software to find do follow forums. i have also use
its very effective.

just follow the above tips on how to search for a do-follow blogs on google. me I using search status addon for fire fox and check the option highlight no-follow links to highlights all no-follow links. it makes my life easier when i'm browsing to other site because I easily know which site and links are no-follow because they are highlighted.

Dofollow blog is Google has browser specialized in the search of dofollow blogs but if you visit them some of them already got back to nofollow, so is not that accurate.

“u comment i follow” “keyword”
this is the great way to search for the do follow blogs. you have done great job here.


You don't i share some secret method by which you can easily find the only dofollow blogs....

Just type these command in Google search...........If you searching blogs for software development
“u comment i follow” “software development”
And same way if you searching blogs for computer hardware then use...... “u comment i follow” “computer hardware” etc....

I will definitely try this technique..thanx for sharing..

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