this topicis about get some solution for my web site hosting. I have done a little research about it.
Here is what I have found justhost.com as paid solution or host1free.com as free web hosting solution any reviews about those companies?
Here is my question to you:
1. What is difference between free and paid hosting?
2. Are those companies known well and are they reliable?

Thanks for your reviews.

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Dude, there's no free lunch. If you use free web hosting such as webs.com it will not benefit in your SEO campaign. If you are serious in your business, get a hosting with Hostgator.


The first distinction is the price. Free webhosting allows owners of a website to receive visitors behind a website completely free of charge. There are no payments involved in loading of files for their server. There are no payments, involved to hold a website accepted on a server during long time. Paid webhosting services on the other hand collect a small payment for owners of a website to receive visitors behind their website.


Will suggest paid hosting if you wanna benefits and reliability of hosting.Free hosting is not of any worth.Get services with hostgator.com they are best hosting providers.


Dude there are many hosting companies..... If you find hosgator expensive.... Choose hostso.com, I am with them for a year and yet found no problems.... Well if you want to host video sharing then it is of no use.... For general web hosting hostso.com is best: They offer these services;
1) $1 /month hosting
2) 200GB Diskspace
3) 1000GB bandwidth
4) 4 parked domains
5) 10 MYSQL databases
6) 10 e-mail accounts
7) free fantastico web scripts
8) 24/7 online support....

Hope it will help you......

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