Whether blog commenting and Signatures in Forums with links are treated as spam by google.

Your answer would help in getting my doubts clarified.

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I do not know about how google treats links in signatures in forums but here at DaniWeb you walk a fine line with what you put in your signature. As for blog commenting, I use WordPress for the blogs for my customers and Wordpress allows you to review comments before they are posted and at that point you can identify them as spam and exclude them. I believe some of the other CMS's work the same way. That being said, I am not certain what how Google views blog commenting.

In my opinion, it really depends on how you put your anchor text in blog commenting and forum signatures, and whether they are do follow or no follow. For google, signatures and blog comments are considered spam if deliberate links.

I don't think so signatures in blog comments & forum are spam.. because it is the blog owner or forum owner which decide whether the comments / signature is spam or not. If he reports the spam to the google then it may be harmful.

I think blog commenting might be treated as spam by the blog owners but not by Google.

Here is how you get your signature link valuable to google search engine and not considered as spam

  • Your anchored text must be relevant to your website or webpages
  • the context of the forum in which you have your signature must be relevant (if your website is about game with game website signature, and you post it in irrelevant forum like cosmetic forum for example) then your signature is useless and considered spam

I sincerely thank everyone for the valuable input.

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One more thing in addition to what i've posted. In order to get the most out of your signature (besides the 2 points i mentioned) if the links (any links besides signature) are coming from forum or website with high traffic or ranking, you get a more valuable links from the search engine.

I think Google doesn't consider either type of links as spam. It assigns some insignificant value to them but that is based mostly on the credibility of the blog or forum. Dumping links on spam forums and spam blogs can actually be harmful from an SEO perspective.

If you post a comment on a blog that is not deemed important than your link will be deemed unimportant. Same for forum links.

As previously suggested, there is a factor considered as relevancy that can add some small value to the link.

Either way, both forum links and blog comment links are of very little value in the bigger SEO picture, even in huge volumes.

I don't think so signatures in blog comments & forum are spam.. because it is the blog owner or forum owner which decide whether the comments / signature is spam or not. If he reports the spam to the google then it may be harmful.

i agree..if they will report it there is a chance that google will ban your website...

Signatures are definitely treated as spam in forums and blogs and many forums even ban the membership for the same reason.

I think blog commenting might be treated as spam by the blog owners but not by Google.

yes, some blog commenting should be approved by the blog owners.
I register a blog, i almost recieve emails every day about approving the blog comments.

one or two link is not as spam

well, I agree with CanadaFred

This is also a way to promote your resource and it is not counted as spam if follow the rules.

Both the techniques are good for promoting your website. But blog commenting takes time to get approved. try to post in the niche related blogs & forums to get quality backlinks for your website

I don't think that forum signatures or blog comments are perceived as spam as long as you aim at adding value to the community, not just for the sake of placing a link.

You see, there's no point in using this type of link building - it's next to useless, so don't lose your time. Rather, perceive forums and blogs as great networking opportunities, and contribute there with this in mind.

The more contacts you make in your niche, the more link building opportunities you'll have. For example, you can meet a reputable blogger in your niche in one of the forums, write a guest post for them and voila - earn a great natural high PR link.

commented: well said +11

both things are bery important techniques for the marketing of the websites

some time blog commment treated as spam,if you don't wright accourding to blog.

If the forum/blog is considered as unworthy..Yes..your posts will be considered as spam. That is the reason..we need to find right website(forum/blog) to post your view.

I think both are very important in SEO. Forum posting with signatures & blog commenting in high page rank, dofollow sites will be very useful in increseing page rank on search engine.

one or two not problem by google

No not all unless the commment is actually spam and posted on different communities otherwise link in signature doesn't harm.

If you are doing these techniques by stuffing your keywords & unrelated posts then it is considered as a spam. But if you are doing in natirally like posting relevant comments then it is not considered as a spam & your comments or posts are get approved...

They wouldn't do much harm in moderation, but not that useful either.

Blog commenting is best way to promote your site.Forum signature also important to increase the viewers.

Blog commenting and forum posting is the best SEO strategy seen in recent days. Because these brings many quality backlinks to the website. Signatures in the forums helps you to promote your site.

In my point of view.NO.just keeo in mind the proper way to do all that.

I don't think blog commenting or forum signatures would be treated as spam by the Google, as if the forum owner or blog owner feels it like spam, them they itself will ban you. So, they are spam but for blog and forum owner. So, we must ensure to post quality content.

No the link in signature is not considered as spam as long as it is from good forum and your answer is relavant to question asked . Also you shouldn't do too many answering in a single day do maximum 5 forum posting

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