We just started a site zoponline.com it's been up for over a month, I added it to yahoos webmaster tools and verified the site but it has not gotten spidered yet. When I log into webmaster tools I see

keywords "domain name, values, No. 1, ICANN-accredited, accredited domain name registrar, domain extensions, Intelligence, promote your business, class reunion, hobby, first step, the World Wide Web, identity, personality, family, Internet access, how to, CEO & Founder, Bob Parsons, GoDaddy"

Which tells me yahoo picked up the parked domain before we put the site up. Will yahoo revisit this? From my understanding yahoo will not spyder a parked domain.

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Your site is probably too new. The search engine hasn't even a snapshot yet. Also, you have tons of hyperlinks to sub-level pages including those hidden by comment tags; fix this.

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In my own experiences, submitting to search engines would not guarantee for indexing purpose. Building backlinks from niche relative high PR (above 6) sources using your main targeted keywords would be more effective.

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Create a sitemap file and add a robots.txt file pointing to it. Most importantly try to get high PR dofollow links pointing to your website.

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