I was wondering if any of you knows how google ranks the inerpages of a site. For example mydomain.com has a ranking of 7 but how do I know what is the ranking of the page http://mydomain.com/page2.htm?,

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You find out the same exact way you find out what the PR of your homepage is. Google DOES rank each sub page individually AS LONG as you optimized those as well.

The google toolbar should show you the Page Rank of each page on your site but i wouldn't worry about what that little green bar says. It has no baring on how successful your site will be.

I use seoquake add-on for Firefox for this purpose. It would display PR for the pages you are on instantly with many other SEO parameters.

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The pagerank of the Homepage differs from the Pagerank of subpages? is that true?

Page of inner page would be different from home pages it depend on various factors.

it may be different, just read some other threads about PR at daniweb

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