How site can be promoted in order to get higher traffic and search results without competitor analysis?

There are two ways the site will get search traffic.

#1. By referral search (short-term temporary traffic)
In this search, user enters a keyword in search engine, search engine shows download sites, press release sites, article sites and RSS feed broadcasting sites; User gets site details from the above referrals and visits the site.

#2. By direct search (long-term permanent traffic)
In this search, user enters a keyword in the search engine; search engine shows site pages, and user directly visits the site. You can improve keyword popularity of the site by off-page optimizers in the form of Submission Wizards with powerful link partner software programs.

thanks for the info.. for me backlink is really3x important.... try finding outsource for it if u dont have time to do it...

Backlinks is one part of it, there are many aspects of SEO which has to be focused on.

Thanks for the info.

u r right... can anyone share other tips?? it will surely help u a lot..

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