if you write relevant press releases and articles submissions etc... on your product (that also contain links to your website) and have them posted on various media websites i understand that this is great SEO for your website - however...

...my question is what happens if your website blog has exactly the same press releases and articles - would this damage the effectiveness of your SEO initiative?

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Original content is always good. That means that you wrote it and so it is no where else on the internet. Now the duplicate content that is copied from somewhere else on the internet is not bad since it will not hurt you. But it is not good and will not help you since search engines do not want to give someone 2 or more webpages that have the same information on it.

So search engines show only the first one to put up that information. Now when I say 'information', I am not talking about ideas that cannot be copyrighted. I am talking about the sequence of words that can be copyrighted.

So if you write "would a rose by any other name smell so sweet" it is all over the internet since Shakespeare wrote it. It is duplicate content. But if you write "If you call a rose something else, it will still look and and smell just as good", then that is original content since I just made it up or put it in my own words. So it is original content that is good.

People say that I have a stream of conciousness writing style. That is great for SEO and original content since people who write like that can write much more information in a shorter amount of time than people who write without that style.

thanks Goodluck Chuck for your reply... just to clarify that the content that i will use for article submissions and press releases will indeed be original - BUT it will also be on my website blog. My website blog however will ALSO have many other articles...

So in this case will this be bad for SEO?

No it is not bad for SEO. Before I submit an article, I put it on my site first so my site gets the credit for being the original source. Of course if you can change it a little before submitting it (I do this) then that is better since it is not a duplicate.

It takes a little extra time but then both are then original content. If you cannot then it is still not bad, it is neutral (not good or bad).

many thanks!! much appreciated!! And happy SEO-ing :)

I don't think so that it will be considered as the duplicate content as the press release from its nature it self it means that its a news to be broadcasting so it can be posted to different website but just make sure that the links should point to the same website it should not be the case that the link is pointing to several websites

hi tompatrick, so are you saying that it is ok for Press Release/News to be duplicated but NOT of for Articles/Stories?

I was told that search engines don't like duplicate content.

No, dear what I am trying to say is any sort of information sharing content may it be press release or article if being published to different sites then in that case you won't be penalized for duplicate content.

hi tompatrick, so are you saying that it is ok for Press Release/News to be duplicated but NOT of for Articles/Stories?

If your content is already in your website blog then why are you submitting in press release or artilce? It is worthless, better create new content that will be much useful. You can submit your website blog in social bookmarking to share your original content of website blog rather than submitting in press release.

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