A few days ago suddenly Google stoped sending visitors .i had like 2000 + visitors from google daily,now i have 100 . i was a suddenly change,not in time .
i don't understand, what could be the reason ? my site (here is the www downloadvyp com link for this Software Download site ) was up and running 24/24, daily i add new articles ,i get a few links daily for it ,i didn't spam with anything,i didn't do anything wrong. i worked a lot for it.the domain is almost one year old.

i don't understand, what could be the reason ?

thanks for your help

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You should login to your cpanel webalizer to analyze the keyword strings that you had visitors from or analyze your Google Analytics.

There are many things that could have caused this. You need to analyze everything and all the steps you took to build your site and get traffic to it.
It is hard to tell, without knowing the logistics of what you have done. Make sure you continue your SEO efforts and that everything you do is whitehat. Anything in any other shade is looked at as unethical and will eventually catch up to you.

Use analytics.

I think, as others have said here, that you need to use some sort of analysis tool in order to determine what could have happened. My husband does SEO and has told me that when Google has any doubts as to the veracity or quality of any site not only do they place it on hiatus (some call it the "sandbox effect") until they investigate and analyze the origin of its links BUT could also drop or ignore many links, hence making your SERPS drop and your visitors decrease. Now, I am a little perplexed... Are you certain that much traffic came from Google?

You probably had some keywords shot up the rankings. Try installing Google Analytics and monitor your keyword rankings and traffic.

hello friends i am also suffer same problem, is any thing wrong in my website

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