Keywords are the base of any SEO campaign and placing your keywords appropriately not anis not easy task. Here you can find some points about where to add keywords and keyword phrases which may help you;

1. Add Keywords in title tag: title is the best place to add your targeted keywords. The text written inside the title tag displays in search results as your page title. It should be be short and limited to 6-7 words in it. It will be better to add targeted keyword in the beginning of title tag.

2. Add Keywords in URL: Adding your keywords in website URL is also a good idea.

3.Add Keywords in heading tags: Adding keywords in heading tags like H1, H2 and H3 is as beneficial as putting them in page title. Do not use words like: and, for, the, or etc. as they are ignored by search engine spiders. Try to make best possible use of this place.

4.Add Keywords in meta tags: Meta tags are not so important as earlier. Major search engine like google do not consider it but still it is valuable for other search engines like yahoo, msn. So if you are optimizing for yahoo and msn then add your keywords properly.

5.Add Keywords in Alt tags: Search engine spiders are unable to read images or graphics. If you have images in your web page then make sure to include main keyword(s) in the ALT tags, but never over do it as your ranking could be dropped in the result.

6.Add Keywords in anchor text: Anchor text is really an important place to add keywords. Do not create simple internal link with anchor text like “Click Here” or "visit this link" instead of this you can use your keywords relevant to the page. It becomes more important in case of inbound links as it will be regarded as a vote from another site for a particular keyword to your site.

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yeah great information about adding keywords.


Thanks for your nice information. I would like to mention that we need to limit the title tag and meta description tag within 70 and 160 characters and it would be better not to repeat main keywords more than twice there. :)

all the best,

That was nice information. But I disagree with you in one point that meta tags are not so important and search engines like google doesn't consider it. As per the Google facts, Google spiders look into the meta tags for the keyword and description of a site and it helps for indexing as well

Could use these useful information myself. Thanks.

what about keywords in comments? does this method work?

Choosing the right keywords or phrases should be the first and most important to a successful website must be Keywords generously placed around the content to a search engine designed optimization

Usefull information on on page optimization thanks for this post

Thanks for the posting, site content with keyword clubbing is also helpful.

Placement of the Keywords is very important task in on-page optimization and should be placed properly after the analysis of the page requirement.

Its really tips ..thanks for sharing us.

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