I am purchasing a domain name for a client. Is it best to have...
1. www.compnanyname-keyword.co.uk
2. www.companynamekeyword.co.uk

ie does the hyphen help?

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#2 is best because it will be easier for website visitors to remember:)

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have managed to secure the domain name without the hyphen.

Without hyphen is better because user can remember that easily.

Well you have purchased the right one.. Go ahead n best ov luck!

2nd is more better as its also increase user readability.

without hyphen is better. It's easier for people to remember, plus it won't make much of a difference in SEO

Hi I have been told that the keyword first is preferable if you can make it work and flow.

Now I need to purchase a domain name for another client and wondered which of these would be best...
1. photographyby + client's full name
2. client's full name + photography

Also, at present the client uses his first name and surname but would it be better from an SEO point of view if just the surname was used ie would this give more weighting to the keyword?

Many thanks for all your help so far. This forum is invaluable.

With dashes is less intuitive for people to remember, and comes off as a little "spammy". Without dashes is easier for the end-user, but you won't get the benefit of keywords in the domain name, which search engines are starting to devaluate anyways. Use keywords within page names such as www.domain.com/keyword.html to counter the effect.

- is valid in a URL name, so if without - domain is available then it is best, if not then no any problem in which.

hyphen is used for domain for identify. it is good.

Well, you bought the right

with or without hypen wouldn't affect your seo. the most important is that you used your clients brand and your targeted keys in your site url.

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