I have used both and come to these conclusions;

If your site is a high paying keyword site (e.g, Business, Finance, Loans, Merchants, Web Hosting, Dating, Law) no advertising network on earth can perform better than Google Adsense.

If your site is average paying keyword site both networks can perform well.

If you site is low paying keyword (e.g, Entertainment, Music, Blogs, etc..) AdsPipe.net or any good CPM network is far best choice than Google-Adsense.

Final Comment:
If your site is not very high paying I strongly recommend to not use Adsense as it is not reliable. You can be kick out any time without any reason and all your money will be stuck.

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I never heard of AdsPipe. I do wonder what kind of sites are part of the AdsPipe network - perhaps sites that have been kicked out of Google's network and reflect lower PageRank sites ?

Well, I don't have their insight information. All I know is that the eCPM rate is good and I always get paid on time.
Adsense is not reliable and their is no real competitor to them. They just don't care. CPM network only good if your site generate thousands of page views daily.

Thanks for the information! Too often all you hear about is how there are no alternatives to Google Adsense, how everything else "sucks". I will definitely check these guys out!

I agree with you for high paying keyword sites nothing compare to Adsense. They don't have any strong competitor and that is the most negative thing for us. Where there is no competition there is no Quality of service.

I am also very depressed about closing of Yahoo Publisher program. I don't know why no body on earth is ready to take Adsense down. They are acting like GOD.

well .. as i saw the site
it looks soo fine and the payments are nice too ..
but still wondering how hounest these guys are .. !!!

This is the first time I've heard about AdPipe. It's probably good to explore that. Thanks for the eye opener.

Which day of month to receive their payments?
Cuz I reached the minimum payment in March, but in May, I Still have not received their payment.
I am very worried about the company they are liars.
Can u talk me more about ur payment infomation ?

nevr heard about adspipe... i'll give it a try.. thanx

it's is new one never heard about it well will try that one but according to me google is best as compare to adspipe

I had never heard about AdsPipe. I think that adsense and CPA are the best monetization methods.

Adsense is the best. No doubt.

thanks for your new information, adspipe.net is very good if u have low keywords paying.

Am going to try this out now. Hope things turn out well for me!

Is true, no advertising network on earth can perform better than Google Adsense.

100% Adsense Fan.

Adsense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content.
and its so populare and they pay you for sure.Because i use it personaly and it work so good .also have many advantage like if somone from other country click on your Ads . You earn more money .

I have a business blog and i kicked off twice by google adsense .. do u guys have any suggestions .. u can visit my blog ... DELETED

Adsense is wellknown and most of us are using

I use AdsPipe on my live site, and so far everything is going great. 100% Fill-Rate, and they give you 80% of the cash. Definately a competetor of AdSense, Do not (I Repeat) DO NOT judge them based on their website design. Definately go and check it out =] I'm actually glad I was barred from AdSense, it made me go looking, and eventually find this little gem =] See the ads live for yourself here:

Adsense is very honest as per the payment of the money although it has very strong limitations still i believe its fine.

Adsense is very honest as per the payment of the money although it has very strong limitations still i believe its fine.

I strongly disagree... AdSense blocked me for no reason when I had over £50 on my account. No invalid click activity, perfectly good site, etc. Really bad. So untrustworthy.

adspipe may be good alternate for ad-sense but whole crowd fighting for ad-sense. we all need to understand ," ad-sense is playing monopoly in ad world.

We did business with them from Nov-Jan'12 and didn't get paid a single $. We did business with them for over $90k (in total). Whenever we asked them about the payments, they get back to you with some stupid reasons of 'Address Verification' which is actually fake.

They only work on 2 email ids (which are used to fool people):
1) info@adspipe.net
2) support@adspipe.net

Also, the username (desiweb@gmail.com) is himself from AdsPipe and misguides people by faking positive reviews about the payment policies of the company, when they don't pay at all.

You can't speak to anyone on the phone, since they will tell you, they're not comfortable with English and can't provide phone support, which is CRAP.

If you've not started working with them, then you're safe. Otherwise, please stop all possible work with them and ensure, the damage is minimal.

Thanks for your knowledge.
I have a music site with about 18.000 visitors per day. I use bidvertiser but also look for other option of ads.
I'll take a look ad adspipe.net ... see how good they are.

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