Here are some of my SEO tips:
1. A domain name with the target keywords help in ranking quickly.
2. Use a Facebook Page to increase web visitors and improve your Alexa rankings.
3. Add outbound links that point to top high PR sites on your home page.

I have some tips :

1. Edu and Gov backlinks . they are strong.
2. Very much social ( it is never enough)
3. Patience...

What do you think? Am i right?

For best SEO, on-page and off-page optimization both are necessary for optimize a website. If we talk about best SEO tips, than in off-page optimization methods, I would like to prefer social bookmarking, article submission and forum posting. And in on-page techniques, effective keyword analysis, proper website and URL structure, correct use of all important tags all are best and essential SEO tips.

Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible.And another tip for seo is social bookmarking.

Here are a few SEO tips:
1. Use the <b> </b> tags around some of your keywords on each page
2. Article exchanges are like link exchanges.
3. Do not use the anchor text always, you must use URL sometimes.

Have the proper keyword density on your page.. mine is usually from 3-4 percent. Just make sure that your text is readable to a human being and not made for SE bots.

Long ago a had a client selling jack-a-lopes on their web site. They insisted that there was only one "correct" way to spell jack-a-lope and did not want to use any other spellings on their web site. They complained their site was not receiving a lot of traffic. I convinced them to incorporate the 13 different spellings of jack-o-lope I discovered surfing the Internet as meta tags of their site. Within 24 hours their site traffic quadrupled and began growing exponentially until it reached critical mass.

With the updates to search engine optimization, it is still relevant to use common misspelling of important keywords in meta tags. While these words will not appear on your site pages, they will help to increase traffic to your site.

While I have seen the collective spelling of Internet users become better over the past three decades, there are still plenty of people who misspell terms while searching. This can be a powerful tool to help you get an edge over competitors who rely on content alone to feed search engines.

Don't use unethical ways to do seo. Avoid spamming and keyword stuffing.Use good quality original content.

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

do on-page and off-page optimization in equal level , that will bring you good results

In my Opinion! Lots of ways to generate free traffic to your site like few Tips for increasing more traffic to your site:

• Work on Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn
• Get your site listed in top rank directories
• Get back links to your site
• Make a lens on Squidoo
• Write press releases and submit everywhere
• Write articles and distribute them everywhere

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

I think forum and articles backlink are the most important to site rank.

Artical submission and social bookmarking is the best seo methods

There are many SEO tips are available but the best tips are mention below:
1.Find the Best Keywords.
2.Article exchanges.
3.Attend SEO seminars.
4.Provide Sharable Content.
5.Deep linking.
6.Strong link building.

Great tips I agree with you it helps to people

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For gain best result in SERP make balance between on page or off page.

Mine best tips are : Do-Follow Forum Posting, Articles Submission, SMO of approved links, Good On Page of website. That it only.

You can follow number of methods to increase the page rank of your website. However, I suggest that you follow the following methods like blog commenting(dofollow blogs), forum posting(include signature) article submission. Keep in mind that while submitting article, keep the content flesh and unique.

My tips are:

1. Make a proper plan for on page and off page optimization methods.
2. Best off page optimization in my opinion is : Blogging, Article submission, Forum Submission, Social Bookmarking.
3. Buy a domain with you keyword in it. (eg. If you want to do web design business on brisbane try to find something like <snip>).

I will post few on page optimization tips very soon!

Sure, first do perfect on-page SEO.
I am not sure about Article submission for this day!
I get better result by create profile backlink from high PR sites that have authority, then finding some tricks to get fast indexed for these backlink, and then again, I can see my keyword ranking jump up to 3 top from out of 30 before then my visitors increased also sales.
Also combine it with a forum post like this. Yeah,, too much works!

The best seo tips are :
1.Forum posting
2.Social bookmarking
3.Blog commenting
4.Article submission
5.Rss submission.

First is have an original content of your website. Second you must submit your site to social bookmarks site and social media site.

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

The H1 tag is very important in on-page optimization.It will be helpful for Google engine while crawling.

Hello Guys,

I will invite everyone dealing with SEO to drop their best SEO tips here, We might have some really useful tips from this page. (I will share few of mine as well!)


As per me the best strategy to get results through SEO is to provide the useful and fresh content to the visitor on the site. And the best methods that works for my site best is the blogs ,articles ,video , social bookmarking , directory submission and also the social media path. These all methods works effectively and quick for my site.

Unique content is the king in SEO. thats it.

Forum postings and social bookmarking are the best ways.

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If we have prefer the content and also have a fresh content . It's more unique for the ranking and get the positive response some time.

Article and blog submission, forum posting and do follow bookmarking are the best way of SEO.

Article commuting,book marking ,social media

Here Some Good Search Engine Optimization Tips:

A. On-Page

1. Meta Tag Optimization
2. Alt and H1,H2 Tag Optimization
3. Title Tag Optimization
4. Keyword Research and Analysis
5. Duplicate Content Optimization
6. Sidebar Link Optimization

B. Off-Page

1. Article Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Press Release Submission
4. Blog Commenting
5. Forum Posting
6. RSS Feed Submission
7. Directory Submission
8. Atom and Podcast Posting

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