This seems simple enough, is not easy to do; can create your own blog battle group, to leave a message on the other blog comments, the article points to submit articles, submit bookmarks, yahoo answer

awesome tips! Thanks guys :)

Helpful hint regarding unique content:

"Think of content like movie plots. When a movie is predictable or the basic plot has been done ten times before, you want to see something new – a new spin from the director, a better level of special effects or an unexpected twist to the plotline to name a few. If a movie is a repeat of five others you’ve seen before – and it doesn’t give you anything new aside from different actors, how likely are you to see it again or recommend it to others?" from

I think that create unique, accurate page titles between 5 and 65 characters long are effective for search engine optimization.

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

You can even try out all your networking fundas for the Great seo, mostly it is useful for increasing your visitors. Always keep a keyword oriented track with the quality information.

For example if you are concentrating on the keyword 'chocolate' then use it like wise to increase your SERP's.

commented: please do not advertise in your posts -2

A link wheel from web 2.0 will be a quite helpful deal as it helps to build some better relevant links which are in niche. These are really very useful in building repo too.

I think that using unique, relevant description meta tag to each page keeping it between 25 and 150 characters in length are effective for search engine optimization.

I believe continuous optimization is the key..keep optimizing your website on a regular basis. Forum posting, article submissions, directory submission is the key to the best SEO tactics.

Hy there ,

one ideea is to focus on some event that you know will create a huge interest. Post a advert or article or something and then promote it on your social sites. That is called viral marketing..

Link Exchange
Article Submission
Blog commenting
Forum posting

Good to get quality back links.

My best tip is to focus on in-page optimization(keywords organization, tags composing etc) . In long run, it's important than link building.

One often underestimated tool is Google Analytics, most only Use it for traffic tracing. You can learn much more in fact, such as which page should be your main target, which page has best conversion rate.

1. Submit your sites in the directory and search engines. It will increase the traffic rank.
2. Use appropriate keywords. Keyword should be related to website.
3. The Domain name should be powerful. select it according to ur site information.
4. The keywords must be used in the web pages repeatedly. It will help search engines to fetch your site .
5. Use meta tag and description tag properly .

Excellent set of tips. keep them coming!!..

Regular work..
Good Quality SEO
No spamming
Slow and steady

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

Hey guys I want to add one more thing in this that the links must be do-follow otherwise will not be beneficial to the site.

some more main point of best SEO tips are...
1 use Multiple domains
2 Use link building software
3 Build quality back links
4 Newsletters
5 Social bookmarking

No doubt article submission in various article directory has a greater potential in itself for increasing traffic to your websites. But most of the directory does not allow the link of your site in the article body. You can mention your website link in the author page which is shown just below the article body for example If you can write articles on Wikihow which is a very good site and you can able to show the direct link of your site as Wikihow has a option of sources ans citation.

Use the following techniques:

Blog commenting
Article submission
Directory submission
Forum posting
Squidoo lens

past six months i am searching and implementing to my website thats why i give some tips ok: bookmarking
2.addurl to search engines
3.use quality contents
4.install alexa and google toolbar in your browser its simple seo tip ok and then
5.edit meta tag and meta keyword submission

Article submission is my favorite, b/c you get free targeted one way links to your keyword or keyphrase. Second is directory submission.

you should concentrates to increase the quality backlinks...

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

Link Wheeling is the new concept and people are now focusing on this to build quality.

Forum posting and Socail bookmarking.......

Social Networking and Bookmarking site would best an technique to generate out an huge traffic towards your website in the shorter period of time...

These are the best SEO tips.
1. Forum posting
2. Article submission
3. Directory submission
4. Social bookmarking
5. Blog comment

meta tag, CSS, backlink

Create an optimized and validated website and then create a "viral" campaign, something that will make other people WANT to link to you and spread the word. Check some popular Youtube videos for inspiration.

Before even getting started, Use the google analyzer and search for Low Competition, High Request and get a domain name based on that. In other words, if My Domain Name has like 30 Mill for Global request, and Low Comp. then get a domain name called or Research Before you get a Domain Name.

Following are the best SEO tips like

Create Amazing Content
Link to Amazing Content
Use Your Keyword in the Title
Optimize Your URL Structure
Optimize Images In Your Posts
Provide a Google Sitemap

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