I think, optimizing long tail keywords with fresh content is good today, as you don't have to face massive competition.

Thanks for sharing the important tips for link building.

backlink, forum post and of course quality article and submit it to article directories.

You don,t mentioned that Tips should be regarding ON page SEO OR OFF page SEO
But after all you must Optimize your website through these steps
Will be benificial for ON page SEO.

Meta description
Meta keywords
Internal linking
Keywords density
usage of latent symentic indexing
Alt tags for images

Good use of Social Media Networks and quality link building and content writing play an important role in SEO.

Social relations is all about building a relationship with your target. You Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter using the popular social network in mind the goals that you can make a strong connection with. Become a part of your target community, to engage in a conversation with them or even them retweet. You can comment on their blog and engage different types of interaction. That will make them to you and help you finally get the link that you'd notice much.

be constant and regular in making links with submissions and using link building techniques...

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

someone would have talked with you on the black-hat on SEO,which would come with big traffic.or the one did not tell you about the punishment from google,coming quickly as well.
for a long way of a website,high quality product and the links building are very impotant to the selling.

Quality backlinks .
Useful content.
Supported with unique articles.

Artical submission and commenting on high PR site is good to increse search engine ranking

Find do follow blog and Forum. Post relevant comments on blog post through which you will get visitors for your own site and you will be able to create a back link.....

What you guys think about commenting on NO Follow websites? I read on google webmasters, that they still track that links, and that they can help in ranking?

My tips are:

1. Make a proper plan for on page and off page optimization methods.
2. Best off page optimization in my opinion is : Blogging, Article submission, Forum Submission, Social Bookmarking.
3. Buy a domain with you keyword in it. (eg. If you want to do web design business on brisbane try to find something like <snip>).

I will post few on page optimization tips very soon!

I think so . I agree with you.

I found the social bookmarking and exchange links very beneficial.I found them best for generic traffic

I thing i will pass no follow commenting, they may harm your ranks

try to invest some time in searching best keyword which is suitable to your sites,do the best article submission to increase backlinks

waiting for quick new idea for SMO

The SEO tips is

1. Find the Best Keyword.
2. Discover What Your Competitors are Doing.
3. Write Very Linkable & Sharable Content.
4. Optimize Your Title and Meta Tags.
5. Optimizing Your Headings and Subheadings.
6. Optimizing File Nomenclatures.

content of your website is very important,have a very detailed summary of what your website is or about

Hello Guys,

I will invite everyone dealing with SEO to drop their best SEO tips here, We might have some really useful tips from this page. (I will share few of mine as well!)


Hi there!

Both on page optimization and off page optimization is essential for gaining a good search engine position.

The main website must regularly update with fresh unique content that will strategically include the main targeting keywords in the title, description, and keywords - tags area. Innerlinking from the site to the site itself must be applied but not more than once in every post. Outbound linking is needed to for every site that will strategically link with relevant keywords to other high authority and page rank sites.

At least 10 outbound links are needed.

Off site optimization has to do with marketing online via writing and submitting articles to directories, (unique content, not duplicates), commenting on relevant theme blogs that are do follow and use Keywordluv plugin, forum commenting, and many other link building strategies.

Be consistent.

The best one i got are to post on relevant forums and blogs...directory submission and article submission are the most popular and effctive these days

Do follow blogs and forums are the best way for link building...


8 SEO steps for website traffic :

1.design is different than traditional print publishing. Every website is an information display container, just as a book is a container; and every web page is like the page in a book. However the end size and shape of the web page is not known to the web designer, whereas the print designer will know exactly what size paper he will be printing on.
2.Learn the science of effective keyword selection
3.Create an opt-in page where visitors provide their name and email address for further information.
4.Create newsletters and special announcements to send out to your auto-responder list of subscribers.
5.Write articles and press releases
6.Implement the use of Viral Marketing
7.Join forums or discussion sites to gain information and to share your knowledge
8.Exchange or trade links with other websites


Absolutely ! SEO is like a circle .. everything that has been mentioned as SEO techniques co-exists and is equally dependent on other techniques as well . Just commenting only on threads and forums wont work ! You need strong on-page optimization with relevant quality content !

Hello Guys,

I will invite everyone dealing with SEO to drop their best SEO tips here, We might have some really useful tips from this page. (I will share few of mine as well!)


Try to get high authority backlinks by blog commenting and use social media platforms for promoting your site or blog.

Anyone mentioned a relevant description (Alt-tag) on images? I think search by images will become more popular.

i think my best seo tips is to be always relevant

Hi Friend...
I am giving you some off page seo tips if you have any website then you follow these tips.

Directory Submission
Article Submission
Blog Creation & Commenting
Social Book Marking
Press Release
Classified Submission
Forum Submission

I think that keyword is very important in site's content, link and image anchor text,titles, description, URLs, site navigate, heading tags and Google keyword tool is best for it.

Seo is total depend on back links. Article submission, directory submission, smo, blogging posting, forum posting they are the easiest way of create back links.
And thanks for sharing your information.

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