i've seen lots of seo guys using link title attribute (<a href="" title="keyword / keyphrash">anchor</a>) is this a plus for on-site SEO ?


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from http://gdymov.com/google-indexes-title-attribute-in-a-tag/

While searching I observed a strange phenomenon. For this search, look at the page codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/Statistics that appears 9th, the snippet says:

Backlinks (http://gdymov.com/inbound-links-backlinks-wordpress-plugin/): Draws a graph over how the number of incoming links (thus the name “Backlinks”) to …

but the text http://gdymov.com/inbound-links-backlinks-wordpress-plugin/ does not actually appear on the page. So, where did Google get this text? When I examined the source, I found that the ‘title’ attribute of the link contains this text. Thus, this proves that google indexes the content in the <a title='’ attribute

Text within title and alt attributes are indexed by search engines. Infact you can find examples of pages ranking for keywords surrounding their anchor text as well.

I think it can have some advantages but the recommendation could be not using the exact title as the anchors because many times, when you hover your mouse pointer over the links, like while looking at the Wikipedia pages, the titles are different from but relevant to the anchors used and set up actually and so, yes they can be helpful.

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