How many meta keywords How I can apply? There are so many that are related to my business, but do not know how many are too. Any advice would be appreciated.

for best result, you should use only 3 or 4 keywords which has high priority. if you use too many keyword in meta tag, google may neglect your website.

garyson02 you are right, i also think so though, would not it be better if you can share your exprience how more keywords downgraded a sites rank.

or you can give us some link to source of information.

And raahim if there are too many key words than 3 or 4 why don't you put them in description tags.
And if web page have pictures, then use some keywords in img tag.
`<img src="" alt="some keywords>

It should hold no more than 5 or so keywords, and the keyword selection should be different from page to page.

I always have 37 meta keywords. 37 is my lucky number.