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Hello Guys

I am considering to purchase a complete SEO tools to help with my SEO Activity as I stared working with bigger sites. I need a combination of good Keyword tools, Link builder tools along with some other popular Link Building & Competitive Analysis Tools tools. I can spend some good bucks per month.

Any Recommendation?


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I will recommend google analytics.. complete software for you to track and plan strategies for SEO!

Yeah... google analytics.. complete software is good for that.

I am using Raven Tools. It is paid tool but worth for your money.

I am using SEO quake. According to me SEO Quake is best tool which can creat a clear picture of website on daily basis.

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@ ezestseo

Raven looks good thanks.

I have tried out spyfu and marketsamurai for a while but only the free ones. I think the paid accounts would be better.

Best seo tool is google analytics, google adwards, and google pr checker tool.

I will also recommend google analytics..complete software is good for that. It's too good to use.............

IBP (Internet Business Promoter), it refers to nearly every aspect of SEO strategy for a website. Use it for analyze new website.
Recommend Google Analytics, basic tool for every site. I also use Google Webmaster Tool, to confirm some backlinks and sitemap issue.

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Some really good suggestions mate. Thanks everyone. Raven looks the best to me so far. Google analytics is the best for its kind, but its not completely a SEO tool though.

I think havingmany but free tools are also good. Recently I bought a Market Samurai - Its good as well but frankly I miss my free SEO tools - in any case these paid tools still bring tons of info from the free tools.. might as well go direct!

cheer !!!google analytics

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Many suggest Google Analytics but bear in mind its "Analytic" tool not a complete SEO tool set.


I would suggest you to purchase SEM Rush, google's latest tool, which is really very helpful and reliable.

I will recommend you not to buy any tool and use free tools that are available online and also if you have heard about any tool that is good, then take its trial version and buy is after completely checking its working and results.

Best SEO tool is Alexia Ranking, it is the one of the best tool in the SEO criteria which helps link for ranked out then after Domain age tool and Domain stats tools are also available in this criteria which is also helpful for doing and providing best SEO services.

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I found this tool Called SEO Power Suite, Its paid tool and I am using the Trial version at the moment. It seems awesome. It has four different component Called Rank Tracker, Web site Auditor, Seo spy Glass and Link Assistant, working pretty good for me.

I will let you know more about this tool and other tool I am testing at this moment. Trust me a good tool can save lots of time.

google analytics is the best.

Google always have real fans, completely free, but shares the applications and Google Webmaster Tools is one of them. This is an online service that provides a detailed report on the site's visibility in Google, as the index of state, a broken link, you can go to the polls and has many features that help webmasters to improve the visibility of sites on search engines such as robots.

well... i think for most the best seo tool is the google keyword analysis tool...or you can say is the basic for the seo..

Nice information,
Google analytics is good.... But I like google webmaster tool very much.

SEMrush... Analytics..

google analytics....
seo toolbar
seo quake...
these three can make your site at top of google for sure

I am newbie working in SEO, and i observed overall SEO work is effective and need for online business and promotion for sites and in this all features such as forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission etc. all are equally important and beneficial at the places. But in the given options, Blog submission is more effective.

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google analysts is best seo tools in Internet world. Others are forum posting, blog posting, article submission, directory submission, bookmarking and many more tools.

SEO quake is the best SEO tool,I think.

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