I've posted my website to DMOZ since a month ago but until now it's still now listed and it's seems like no response at all. In your experience, how long normally it will take to get listed?

Thanks in advance.

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DMOZ is entirely volunteer edited. Depending upon the popularity of the category you submitted to, and the time dedication of the volunteer running that section, it could take anywhere from a few hours to an eternity :)

Try reaching out on resource-zone.com, a forum dedicated to DMOZ editors. That's what I did a couple of years ago, and it worked for me.

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Cscgal, thank you so much.

normally it takes 3 to 10 days.... it totally depends on the site and the dmoz worker....

I'd say forever, DMOZ is notorius for not listing websites, not sure exactly what you need to do get listed. Not sure its important to be listed on the site as it once was.

I've read lots of article saying that listed in DMOZ will help to improve page rank and easily to be searched in google and AOL. Correct me if i'm wrong.

It definitely was back in the day. However, I agree with vitminl that a listing is not nearly as important as it once was.

Also, when reading marketing/seo articles online, always be conscious of the date they were posted. Techniques tend to be trendy and then go by the wayside.

cscgal, thanks again. always can get informative reply from you.

It can take upto months

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With due respect of your DMOZ knowledge, I will strongly disagree! I have submitted many site to DMOZ and and minimum time to get listed there for me was 4 months and I was lucky that time I believe.


normally it takes 3 to 10 days.... it totally depends on the site and the dmoz worker....

Your site will be under review taking into consideration the DMOZ submission guidelines. There is no guarantee that your site will be listed at all too. Mine didn't take that long ..only close to couple of months.

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